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16/12/07 ED KUEPPER LIVE !!! playing the song :
The way I made you feel at the RocKwiz Tv Show
and JIMMY LITTLE sang it too !!!

Dimanche, décembre 16th, 2007

YEAHHH ! Watch what I just found on youtube : A LIVE video from ED KUEPPER playing THE WAY I MADE YOU FEEL the song I chose among the thousand he wrote to open my last podcast with GANGgajang; super great coincidence !!! the show was recorded in January 2006…I’m so happy !! Couldn’t be a nicer surprise for me ! Thanks you RocKwiz TV to have shared it on the internet !!

ahaha…and I just found another video sent by Rockwiz TV with Ed’s school friend : Mr Christopher Bailey with his extraordinary new girls band !!!

Update December 17th : I can’t believe it !! The fourth video I found out on this incredible RocKwiz TV show is JIMMY LITTLE (you remember : Buzz and the Jimmy Little Foundation) singing what ?…”the way I made you feel” !!! recorded in March 2005 Jimmy is so good but with a very different interpretation of the same words though !

For the Tatts fans : the third one was Angry Anderson singing “Highway to Hell” with a rocky girl !! We stay in family with RocKwiz…:) and you know what ? Julia Zemiro the nice hostess of this show was born at Aix en Provence, 30 km from Marseille !! French girls rule !!!

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to Nono55 (Noel) who made this spontaneous advertising on the TRUST forum for Meltingpod, GANGgajang and Ed Kuepper !!
Michael Butler (the Rock and Roll Geek Show : male companion of Meltingpod !!) opened a super new website for THE ASS OF ROCK (World Association of Rock and Roll Podcasters !!) Check it !! thanks you Mike !

4/12/07 The French rock band TRUST in concert near Marseille at l’Usine at Istres December 2sd !! 1977-2007 : Happy 30th Birthday TODAY !!

Mardi, décembre 4th, 2007

Nono (Norbert Krief : lead guitar) and Bernie Bonvoisin (vocals); Farid Medjane (drums); Iso (Izotronik : bass) and Vivi (Yves Brusco : rythmic guitar); Nono (click to enlarge the pics).

TRUST…a legendary French band…I don’t like to use that word “legendary” but in this case I can’t say anything else except maybe : the first French band who played a good rock and roll singing clever and forceful lyrics without compromises for 30 years (with some breaks) : a lucid look about our contemporary society which definetely is necessary specially in France ! They played last Sunday near Marseille at Istres and are partying tonight at Paris (l’Olympia) for their 30th anniversary ! Yeah ! Trust quickly started in 77 with a huge and enthusiastic response among the youth and at Istres’ show (sold out!!) the faithful audience was there singing every famous lyrics at each song…sometimes with a best memory than Bernie himself…:)
That night I was LiveInMarseille’s official photographer (thanks Stefan) and I at least bought a new camera !! I was allowed to take pics in front of the stage during “the three first songs” only (what a rule ?! admitted almost everywhere in Europe now without any logic for me) and then invited to be crushed among the crowd and in the necessity to continue as “a pirate”?? chased by the security !! Everybody knows the musicians and the photographers need to be “warm” to give their best but nobody knows when the connection between the both will happen : I would be very curious to hear the musicians’ point of views about this incredible rule.
Anyway I hope you will enjoy the photos.

Songs speaking about men with special destinies like “Mesrine” (with Deck the scratcher above the drums); Bernie introducing in a song called “your final act” his friend Bon Scott (very close to the band unill his last days); Massoud (commander in Afghanistan) : a new song with only Nono (at the acoustic guitar) and Bernie : a shared close moment…

Bernie more relaxed at the end, joking, dancing, abandoning at least his dark glasses and offering us a quiet and smiling face. Long life to TRUST !

BTW : A special thought to Mick Cocks, Rose Tattoo’s guitarist who turned me again to Bernie and Trust asking news from them in our live interview at Lyon-France in April 2007 : I hope you are both connected again too !

Meltingpod Connections :
Update December 8th : I found a “new family” in the TRUST FORUM and a link to some pretty cool videos extracted from THE LIVE SHOW at ISTRES filmed from the first line…Bernie showed many times how he was not against these “friendly pirates” encouraging to flash “as an exception” Farid the drummer to salute him (my pic above). It has a bootleg quality but

the sound is not bad…Nono in a great form, Bernie apologizing on the knees to have broken a mic, the crowd singing…the ambience is there !!

Dec 5th : A fresh report about Trust’s show at l’Olympia (Paris) December 4th on ZICAZIC (in French). Bravo Fred to have done it in the same night !!

TRUST LIVE recently with a song without age…: “L’élite” !!

#72 Hot Summer for Meltingpod from Rose Tattoo with the Harley Days at Hamburg to the Saints/Aints with Erotic Neurotic !!

Mercredi, octobre 17th, 2007
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To listen to the podcast about the Harley Days 2007 at Hamburg (mp3 25′)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

    Mick Cocks; Angry Anderson and Mick Cocks at the Harley Days 2007

“When Mick Cocks meets Ed Kuepper” was the title you avoided at the last minute because I don’t want to fool you about the reality of such a meeting but I hope I will maybe be able to organize it one day…:) Anyway I reunited them in this podcast with the shortest interview ever recorded in the world (!!) with Mick Cocks Rose Tattoo’s guitarist at Hamburg and the both versions of Erotic Neurotic I played at the end : a live version with Ed Kuepper and the Aints (SLSQ- 93) and the studio version with the Original Saints (I’m Stranded-76). It was very heavy to edit this podcast after so long months of forced silence and a very bad moment in my life with too much questions in my head all the time…do I stop, do I continue, how…?
I chose to start at the beginning with the motorcycles in The Harley Days at Hamburg (July 14th) through the last live recording with the minidisc, the tests with the voice recorder (which has a bad quality as expected), then a noisy silence without computer (from August 31th until this week) where I tried to find some solutions with you maybe now : JOIN MELTINGWORLDS!!!
Update October 22th : the Meltingworlds’ happy donators can click now on the kangaroo !!! (right colum on this blog)…next stop ULURU !!!

Thomas and Sheree ICS (Tatts tour management) Armageddon-Music (Tatts label) and Wacken Open Air Festival managers, Tatts video team at work, Punk rockers in Suzuki doing provocation at the Harley Days, Jase from Doomfoxx (Mick Cock’s ex-band) focused on the Tatts show (Stu Doomfoxx’s singer was beside me but too close to flash in his head : too bad he was ecstatic watching at Mick !!), Greg Clarke the Tatts noise head at the soundcheck !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update October 19 th : I forgot to give you the link to the Tatts Channel.
I recommand you the end of the chapter 5 (from the 6th minute !!) where you can agree with me watching Mick on the video (explaining the genius Angus Young) : he is born to do interview !! (click on the pic for the video)

And I forgot for months to give you the links to the super interviews my friend Michael Butler from the Rock and Roll Geek Show recorded in April 2005 with PETE WELLS who found Rose Tattoo and in June 2005 (three parts) with DOC NEESON The Angels’ original singer ! Don’t miss them !

18/08/07 Marseille from the Angels Video Live 2007 at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert !!

Samedi, août 18th, 2007

This video will be included in a DVD released this year but “first a CD launch about The Bon Scott Celebration Concert is set for the weekend commencing Friday 19 October at Metro City Perth. The Party Boys and The Angels will be co-headline on that night. A classic Sunday session will be held at the Claremont Football club on Sunday 21 October at 3.00pm featuring the Angels and support band.
The Party Boys line up for October 19 playing Bon era AC/DC classics and their own hits is:
Kevin Borich - Australia’s greatest rock guitarist!
Buzz Bidstrup - The Angels
Dave Gleeson - Screaming Jets
Alan Lancaster - Status Quo
Randall Waller - Shania Twain Band
Paul Christie - Mondo Rock
Vince Lovegrove - The Valentines with Bon Scott”.

Not useful to say I would like to be there…I hope you remember or have to listen to my PODCASTS ABOUT THE BON SCOTT CELEBRATION CONCERT recorded with Buzz Bidstrup organizing that big event and then during the show and rehearsals with his Australian rock stars friends !!!

Update Sunday 19th : The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s NEW WEBSITE SALUTING BON SCOTT is launched !! Hey CHECK THE LINKS PAGE !!!!

Meltingpod Connections :
For Doc Neeson’s fans here some interesting infos about :
his new band Doc Neeson’s Angels,
his Australian tour dates on myspace,
an interview (audio + slide show) recorded by Parramatta Sun
and a review from Acoustic Series : Thanks Michael Pursche for the links !!
Update August 31th : a very cool review from Sue in the comments here about Doc Neeson ’s current Australian tour !! Check it ! Thanks Sue !!

19/07/07 My Bastille Day with Rose Tattoo at Hamburg-Germany during the Harley Days 2007

Jeudi, juillet 19th, 2007

(click on the pics to enlarge them !)

Hommage to my old companion and digital camera Nikon which died on stage with elegance at the last song “We can’t be beaten”…July 14th :
Rose Tattoo live at the Harley Days; Am Reeperbahn, my Nikon’s last pic, the place where my minidisc chose to die (the most luxuous ballroom of Hamburg !!) a few hours earlier the same day…a bloody Bastille Day !

28/05/07 More about The Saints !!

Lundi, mai 28th, 2007

     For those of you who wrote to me to know more about The Saints :
The Saints Live at Paddington Town Hall in 1977 with “Demolition Girl”and “Night in Venice” (click on the pics to watch the video). Three of the four members from this original line-up : Ivor Hay (drums) Chris Bailey (vocals) Ed Kuepper (guitar) are performing for a one off reunion July 14th 2007 at Brisbane for the Pig City Queensland Music festival.

You can listen to The Saints in many podcasts on Meltingpod with :
The Saints’ current line-up - Chris Bailey (vocals, guitar), Peter Wilkinson (drums) and Caspar Wijnberg (bass) :
07/12/05 Noisy Holidays in Hell with the Saints (THE live interview/show)
04/09/05 Eating Earth and drinking Fire (my very first live interview for Meltingpod with Chris Bailey at The Saints’ show at Marseille : 5 minutes !!)
04/07/05 Burning Bush Tour (The Saints’ live pics at Marseille)
Lars Wallin musician, Saints’ fan and Meltingpod’s faithful listener :
09/19/06 Chris Bailey in Sweden with Lars Wallin (videos from Lars)
11/21/05 The Aborigines love punk and roll (+ Saints’ songs)
Different subjects illustrated with the Saints’ or Chris Bailey’songs :
01/26/06 Oscar Wilde and me (recorded on Oscar Wilde’s grave at Paris)
08/25/05 Oscar Wilde, Agape and the indecente theology
07/18/05 The Saints from Tokyo to Nashville (festival + Saints’ live songs)

Meltingpod Connections :
Update May 30th : THE SAINTS’ BIO IN FRENCH !! by Eric Tessier - Radio Libertaire - Nef des Fous Editeur : the text is well written, funny and passionated ! Bravo Eric !!
Update May 31 th : OK, here a link to some Saints’ lyrics !!!…”you look so good that I could eat you but I wouldn’t kiss a steak so I won’t eat you”…so another version from Hannibal Lecter’s dreams…:)

#63 Meltingpod emigrated to Brazil !!

Dimanche, avril 1st, 2007

To listen to this wonderful podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 40 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

      Our meeting at Cassis with Bïa, Bïa singing (pic from her website)

No rock and roll today but you will not regret it I’m sure…
a sensual, delicate voice will take you far away near the Mediterranean in a amazing creek…Ok, the podcast is audio only but imagine :
Bïa, a beautiful Brazilian woman who sings just for you, the waves beat the rocks, the wind slowly blows (in my mic too sorry !!)…I hope after my last podcasts with the Australian hard rock stars you would appreciate her cool and quiet music too : a big challenge I know !! But, come on !!
Between the songs we spoke about her music, lyrics, being a citizen of the world and in the same time you could hear what you maybe never heard about Brazil : why some Brazilian women feel the necessity to learn how to dance with a teacher, how a lot of families emigrated under the military dictatorship who oppressed the country in the 70’s.
In the case, you couldn’t live without her after listening, you could find her albums on her nice website !

#55 Winston McAnuff the meltingman with Java LIVE in Marseille !

Mercredi, novembre 29th, 2006

Winston McAnuff invited me to his last concert in Marseille at “le Moulin“, promoting a new album Paris Rockin’ with JAVA, a band from Paris.
In this podcast I propose to you an extract of the interview I did with him last July at the Eurockeennes festival the first time we met at breakfast in an hotel at Belfort, an interview I did just before the show backstage in Marseille, an interview after the show and a lot of nice songs recorded live that hot night with a frenzied crowd; the last song “Wandering drummer messenger” is a studio version from Paris Rockin’ : thanks to Makasound!

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file

the other side of the picture : Winston ironing his clothes in the tour-bus before the show as a sign of respect for his audience, Annie recording the concert in front of the stage (pic from Pirlouiiiit) and shooting Pirlouiiiit who was shooting Winston !! No break !

Meltingpod Connections : MELTINGTALKS my other podcast with interviews about society and politics, women, music…was ONE YEAR OLD December 1st ! a interesting podcast in a gay club from Marseille to launch the second year…:) and Happy Birthday to everybody being Sagittarius !

20/11/06 Winston McAnuff : a Jamaïcan who rocks Paris and Marseille !

Lundi, novembre 20th, 2006

Winston McAnuff : A Jamaïcan musician who didn’t stop to the reggae limits but constantly explores the music under all aspects : jazz, rock, hip hop, transe…and he cooks a very good mixture for us, like the precious magical drink he shared with me in his cosy tour-bus last Saturday night before jumping on stage : NONI + honey and you will stay healthy ! Actually I met “by coïncidence” this strange man at breakfast time in Belfort last July during the rock festival the Eurockéennes; we slept in the same hotel and I improvised a short interview with him without knowing which kind of music he played the night before (I missed his show).
Four months later (Nov 18th) he called me on the phone to invite me to his concert in Marseille at “le Moulin”, promoting a new album with JAVA, a band from Paris : Paris Rockin’ ! I had the feeling to meet a very old friend ! Here are some pictures, the podcast is coming soon with interview and live recording on stage and backstages : Special thanks to le Moulin crew, Winston’s manager (2temps3mouvements) and label (Makasound) who gave me the possibilities with kindness (and a pass all access) to work as I wanted…!! Obviously thanks to Winston to be the man he is !!

Pepouse (Java) at the bass; Winston alone, at the acoustic guitar with Fixi (Java) at the accordion, in front of the hot audience from Marseille !

Meltingpod Connection :
Winston just sent me this video from Marseille (clic on the pics) with my favorite song “Wretched State”; in front of the stage my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveinMarseille (right side) and me (left side) shooting the show !

#54 Noisy Music Elegant Talk : what’s better !

Samedi, novembre 4th, 2006

Rock bands from Marseille and some surprises with the Saints and the Angels : a great Meltingpod today…so we start with :
Gasolheads : Bad situation-Lying shooter position (the band is dead but gave the birth to the Hatepinks and Neurotic Swingers).
Neurotic Swingers : Burn to Floor-What’s your definition of underground ?
Les Balayeurs du désert : Hello Ola-Jules Verne Impact (music played during the Royal de Luxe‘ show : La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps).
The Saints’ drummer Peter Wilkinson stole my mic and interviewed me !
The Saints : Never Enough-Imperious Delirium (new French tour right now)
Les Balayeurs again with Morale : a great Meltingpod song !
After Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos) and Frank Meyer (the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs), Buzz Bisdtrup (the Angels) answers to the WOMAN SHOW !!! Who will be the next one on the grill : maybe a French podcaster ?
Gasolheads again with Nobody knows…a good song for the end !

Update November 12th : WONDERFUL links to ROYAL DE LUXE LAST SHOW HERE and HERE + many SAINTS LIVE SHOWS from 77 to 2005 : Enjoy Nights in Venice Live At Paddington Townhall in 77 : a GREAT MOMENT…strangely I have the feeling it’s this rough version I loved and played in my podcast with Lars in Nov.05…and the Saints will finish their actual tour in Venice…

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file

Great and cool drummers : Buzz from the Angels and Peter from The Saints

  Gasolheads and Neurotic Swingers at La machine in Marseille (05/05).

Update November 6th : Speaking about drummers the Rodriguez from Austria on stage at la Machine a coudre last Saturday night : no live podcast I only danced without moderation ! rock is primal and sensual…:)

    The boys sweating on stage and the girls having fun…Relax and Co !

#51 : I want you !! (Frank Meyer interview part 1)

Lundi, août 28th, 2006

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
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Frank on stage with the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in 2005 (ph : Todd Westover at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood) and in June 2006 at Las Vegas.

Frank Meyer, singer, guitarist and leader from two rock bands : the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (I saw in Marseille in 2002) and Sweet Justice based in Los Angeles is also music producer with Messiaz, rock journalist, co-writer of “On the road with The Ramones“, film-maker, Video Game Theater’s creator, one of the coolest rocker of this planet and… my guest today !!! During his work at the TV channel G4 he did a lot of very funny interviews with porn Stars promoting the Man Show which inspired my own show : at least I can ask him personally THE Question !!! Enjoy this first episode : THE WOMAN SHOW N°1 ! (the N°0 as test was recorded with Billy Hopeless last January).
I play two songs of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last album Gainsville : “When God and the Devil agree” and “December in a day”. At the end of the show I play a Troggs’s cover song recorded in one shot by the Cheetahs in 1995 featuring Wayne Kramer (a great performance !!) : “I want you !!”
In the part 2 you will have the whole Gainsville album ’s lyrics’ story, song after song… a hard and nice human story in the band during their US tour.
For the new listeners you can listen to the first poscast with Frank in October 2005 “Right to rock” and watch his great video on my first Meltingvideopod.

7/05/06 Walpurgis night (Berlin part 2)

Dimanche, mai 7th, 2006

I invite you to Walpurgis night (April 30th) in Berlin-Friedrishain (ex-East Berlin) with A.C.K. a punk band from Frankfurt am Main who is singing lyrics in German very involved in politics specially against racism and fascism. The whole night the ambience was electric hesitating between a ritual civil urban war like for every 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg or only a provocation to the police for fun…I let you dive in the sound and hear the story in both languages English and German. Thanks to Ralf, Markus and Gisbert, my partners in this adventure.

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file

The concert with A.C.K. with the police’s presence everywhere; from 10:pm the police “began cleaning the place” but it was possible to escape in a bar and look at their operations throught the window : surrealistic for me !

Meltingpod Connections :
May 15 th : A very enthusiastic report about Meltingod and Meltingtalks by le Podauditeur a website and podcast about the French independant podcasting : Thanks Mr Vertigo !
May 11 th : Two new podcasts in French about the law DADVSI at the Senat with a Senator’s interview : Enjoy the French politic on MELTINGTALKS !