7/04/05 Burning Bush Tour !

To be precise, it’s the name of the European tour 2005 of The Saints ! They burned and seduced Marseille last night…ROCK AND ROLL in CAPITAL !!!
The club was absolutely packed and to take pictures I was crushed against the stage : though it was a good place to live the concert loud and near the source of the energy; from the first seconds the band and the audience were connected…shared pleasure !

    (click to enlarge the last picture)

Then I made my very first live interview for my podcast…with Chris Bailey !! It was not scheduled but Chris accepted to play the interview after the concert even if he was very tired, even if I had a ridiculous record player without extern microphone which refused to restart when we moved from the bar to another quieter place to speak. But it was not really a problem for him, we continued the conversation without recording until we were the two last persons in the concert room and until the owner of the club shouted from the street he wanted to close !!
I will give you in my next podcast (soon) the 5 minutes saved from the punky trashy funny interview at the bar and I will try to write here on the blog some sentences I remember from the conversation after the record player’s crash.

8/04/05 : I just got an e-mail from Chris (still in tour during two weeks more) who gives me the agreement to play the songs of the last album : “Nothing is straight in my house“; I forgot this famous night to ask his agreement for my podcast and for those who could not run to the next concert of the Saints in Europe. It’s OK now, we could burn our Bush together on podcast too !

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