14/10/06 the Meltingworlds company is born !

No it’s not a new street theater company even if in the band you could find Pierre Berthelot Generik Vapeur’s artistic co-director, Michel Crespin Lieux Publics‘ foundator (national center for the creation in street arts), Michel Denis (cultural manager), no it’s just MY new podcasting association : MELTINGWORLDS !! The foundators members are a bunch of old friends with also Ralf Makrutzki (European projects director with Eurocircle) Michel Lecour (entrepreneur in internet sector); at the Head Quarter as secretary : Nadine Gomez ( contemporary art museum curator), as treasurer : Michel Denis; you found : I’m the chairwoman of the Board !
7 people to launch a project to improve and promote cultural exchanges around the world using new technologies as blogging and podcasting (new website in construction : www.meltingworlds.com).
I already have a first cool donator with Jean-Luc Blache (Art Chic president, city-planner architect) and Bruno Gilles , the mayor of my area in Marseille promised to help me financially from next year ! It ’s a good beginning !
I hope to go and podcast for you at least…in Australia ?


discussion (left to right) Pierre, Ralf, Michel D, Michel L, Michel C, signature : same + Nadine, champagne : Pierre et Ralf, pose : Nadine, Pierre et Annie

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