7/05/06 Walpurgis night (Berlin part 2)

I invite you to Walpurgis night (April 30th) in Berlin-Friedrishain (ex-East Berlin) with A.C.K. a punk band from Frankfurt am Main who is singing lyrics in German very involved in politics specially against racism and fascism. The whole night the ambience was electric hesitating between a ritual civil urban war like for every 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg or only a provocation to the police for fun…I let you dive in the sound and hear the story in both languages English and German. Thanks to Ralf, Markus and Gisbert, my partners in this adventure.

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The concert with A.C.K. with the police’s presence everywhere; from 10:pm the police “began cleaning the place” but it was possible to escape in a bar and look at their operations throught the window : surrealistic for me !

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