16/12/07 ED KUEPPER LIVE !!! playing the song :
The way I made you feel at the RocKwiz Tv Show
and JIMMY LITTLE sang it too !!!

YEAHHH ! Watch what I just found on youtube : A LIVE video from ED KUEPPER playing THE WAY I MADE YOU FEEL the song I chose among the thousand he wrote to open my last podcast with GANGgajang; super great coincidence !!! the show was recorded in January 2006…I’m so happy !! Couldn’t be a nicer surprise for me ! Thanks you RocKwiz TV to have shared it on the internet !!

ahaha…and I just found another video sent by Rockwiz TV with Ed’s school friend : Mr Christopher Bailey with his extraordinary new girls band !!!

Update December 17th : I can’t believe it !! The fourth video I found out on this incredible RocKwiz TV show is JIMMY LITTLE (you remember : Buzz and the Jimmy Little Foundation) singing what ?…”the way I made you feel” !!! recorded in March 2005 Jimmy is so good but with a very different interpretation of the same words though !

For the Tatts fans : the third one was Angry Anderson singing “Highway to Hell” with a rocky girl !! We stay in family with RocKwiz…:) and you know what ? Julia Zemiro the nice hostess of this show was born at Aix en Provence, 30 km from Marseille !! French girls rule !!!

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to Nono55 (Noel) who made this spontaneous advertising on the TRUST forum for Meltingpod, GANGgajang and Ed Kuepper !!
Michael Butler (the Rock and Roll Geek Show : male companion of Meltingpod !!) opened a super new website for THE ASS OF ROCK (World Association of Rock and Roll Podcasters !!) Check it !! thanks you Mike !

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