#65 AC/DC’s former lead singer Dave Evans : a badasse rock interview !!

To listen to the podcast with Dave Evans’ interview (mp3 : 45 minutes)
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Dave Evans with AC/DC on stage (pic Philip Morris) and travelling in the truck in 1974 (Peter Clack, Dave Evans, Malcolm Young, Angus Young & Rob Bailey); Dave on stage with the Badasses in 2007 (pics Dave’ website)

AC/DC’s former lead singer Dave Evans accepted after our short conversation during the Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Fremantle in Australia, a longer phone interview to share with us some personal stories about the greatest hard rock and roll band in the world aka AC/DC at his debut, his wild and hedonistic memories with Rabbit and his current projects with the Badasses : Enjoy some extracts from AC/DC’s very first single and Dave Evans’ last album Sinner; don’t forget to play the podcast…LOUD !

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