25/08/05 Oscar Wilde, Agape and the indecent theology

I recommand you to read Oscar Wilde again specially “De profundis” if you find it before listening to my new podcast and the interview I recorded in North of Italy.The Saints and Chris Bailey will accompany you with some quiet songs during this curious ballad with the Vaudois of Agape in their wild valley of the Germanasca.
Why an interview of Agape ? in part because of Oscar Wilde. Why Oscar Wilde ? because of the Saints’ interview I did in July. Don’t be afraid here are some powerful witches met in Lithuania’s forest to protect you in this diving to the Paradise !


Special dedication to my father, to Myriam from Jerusalem, to the Irish people and to Pascal from San Francisco (fan of the Saints and various pagan deities) !

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BTW : A philosopher loves Meltingpod and my interview with Julien on France Podcast : Have a look at his blog and podcast Inter-Flou. Nice !

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