26/01/06 Oscar Wilde and me !

I promised to myself, next stop to Paris, to go and visit Oscar Wilde in his grave at Pere Lachaise’s cimetery. A passion for this man grew after my interview with Chris Bailey from the Saints, last summer…I read almost everything from him like an obsession…this meeting in the graveyard was moving as you could hear in this short podcast…I chosen two texts to read there : his famous talk during his trial for homosexuality in 1895 “the loves that dares not speak its name” and a part of the poem “the Sphinx”…the giant sculpture on his tomb offered by a woman who loved him represented…a sphinx and it was covered with lipstick-kisses; a luck I had a nice red lipstick too that morning…I dedicate that show to Chris (thanks for the connection) and to Garfieldd (courage !).
Music : The Marquis of Queensberry and Edgar Alan Poe from Chris Bailey (Demons); Everybody loves you when you’re dead from Kitty Hudson (London).

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The French National Assembly’s deputy Frederic Dutoit is planning a meeting in Marseille February 9th at 6 p:m in his townhall (15ème/16ème) to work with the people involved by the DADVSI law’s project; he proposed to me to help him to invite artists, podcasters, internet surfers, labels (send a comment or e-mail if you want to come) and do the podcast of the meeting : obviously (with a thought to Oscar Wilde’s mother) I accepted !

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