#64 Rose Tattoo European Tour 2007 : Live interview with Mick Cocks the guitarist at Lyon !

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At the sound check; Mick Cocks during the show; Angry Anderson’s tattoos; Mick testing my camera for a double self-portrait in the mirror !!

Mick Cocks Rose Tattoo’s guitarist answered to my questions backstages just before their show at Lyon-France April 5th. The band is touring Europe right now to promote their new album “Blood Brothers“, a tribute to their friends Rose Tattoo’s founding members who passed away : Peter Wells the slide guitarist, Ian Rilen the bassist and Dallas “Digger”Royall the drummer. Mick and Angry Anderson the singer (both founding members too) keep the flames burning with Dai Pritchard (slide guitar) Steve King (bass) and Paul De Marco (drums). I played Black-Eyed Bruiser (Easybeats’song) and Lubricated (a stirring homage to the female masturbation !!) from the new album, Rock and roll outlaw and Nice Boys don’t play rock and roll !
We spoke with Mick about the Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Perth-Western Australia where we connected the first time through Buzz’s phone, their current tour around the whole Europe and their last album : the conversation is friendly, funny, sexy but very serious too !! Enjoy !
I will post the long interview with Angry Anderson (1:30h) in three parts I think, soon…stay connected !

Meltingpod Connections :
For those of you who listened to Mick Cocks’ other band “Doomfoxx” on Meltingpod myspace page and who asked me where to buy the cd, you can go to Armageddon music (same label than Rose Tattoo) or Hardy TV to hear some extracts and buy on line (same proposal for Rose Tattoo).

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