9/04/05 Eating earth and drinking fire !

Some pictures where Chris Bailey from the Saints was joking on stage under my digital eyes’ shoots in the back of his guitarist who played a solo !!


In the new podcast, you will find some songs of the Saints’ last album and a short “interview” at the bar with Chris in a funny ambiance of laughs and noise of glasses’ wash up. Hope you will like it !
Some words from the unrecorded interview :
Christopher Bailey born 11/29/56 in Africa (Kenya), family’s origins from Northern Ireland, lived in Australia, England, Sweden, Amsterdam now, formed the Saints in 1973 :
“I can’t imagine the world without France : The people talk a lot here, give their opinion about everything, they fight to obtain the respect of their differences… they cut the kings’ head.
In Marseille people smiled to me : I felt me good here tonite on stage !
I’m not a rock star, I never want to be a pop star…I played with the Saints in little clubs and on very big stages, I was high and down…I continue because I love what I do, just playing music and meeting people.
I feel me guilty to speak with you during the other guys are carrying the gear…sorry I must help a few minutes !
Yes, I didn’t drink water on stage, I drank white wine ; I love French wines : I have friends of mine who give me sometimes their house’s keys in Bourgogne, and I take my bicycle on the little roads to go drink a little Chablis…”

More about Chris Bailey : this interview from Foster Child fanzine.
More pictures : the review of my dude photographer Pirlouiiiit from liveinmarseille/concertandco-marseille : we often are beside each other at rock concerts and do like a funny shoot’s competition to capture the best light of rockers’ attitudes; that night I chose to shoot him taking pictures and he shot me smiling to the music (cf my interview) !!


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