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19/04/06 Three men with Wild at Heart

Mercredi, avril 19th, 2006

Michael Butler and his band from San Francisco American Heartbreak (the new album is realeased !!), Adam Becvare from Chicago and the LustKillers (a new song not still released and an interview in tour after The Black Halos‘ concert in Nice), Manny Montana from Belgium with the Ones (an old song) who is with TeenageHeadMusic a passionated European tour manager for rockers ONLY !!! : I met Mike and Adam in spring 2001 in Marseille and a few months later the three together with Manny at Wild at Heart-Berlin : I’m happy to have those guys as friends and introduce to you now their new and old songs. Without forgetting to mention Mike with his podcast “the Rock and Roll Geek Show” is the male companion of Meltingpod !!!

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Adam with the Lords of the New Church, Mike with American Heartbreak and Manny with the Ones (pics I took in Marseille; click to enlarge).
Mike and Manny in tour, Billy and Adam (pic S.Smith), Adam and me in Nice

Meltingpod Connections :
Sandra Smith was the photographer who took our pic with Billy in Nice ! She found me through myspace : funny coincidence, she was at the Lords of the New Church’s show in Marseille in 2003 and Adam posted her pics beside mine on his site. BTW : If you want to check how was the Black Halos’ success among the hottest girls from Europe, have a look on Billy’s myspace site : in fact the situation was not as hopeless as he said !

12/04/06 The Black Halos (part 2) live in France !

Mercredi, avril 12th, 2006

The Black Halos, a band from Vancouver-Canada (every Meltingpod faithful listeners know for months !!) was playing for the first time in France last Sunday in Nice at the Volume (well managed by la Source 001 : concerts every days !!) : I recorded a part of the show and I did at least a live interview with Billy Hopeless the singer, I only knew through phone conversations and e-mails until now; we talked this time about the lyrics’ stories which often are a good way to better know a musician ! it was a lot of fun to see them on stage with my “old” friend Adam Becvare their guitarist now. I did an interview with Adam too but I will give it in another show. Most of the songs you will hear come from their last album “Alive without control”. Run and check their European tour dates on : THAT’S GOOD PUNK ROCK !

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      Billy and Adam, Denyss and Jay on the left side, then Billy doing
      every second a different show and a strip (he did it!), Billy and me !

Meltingpod Connections :
I’m at least accepted in the very closed Teenageheadmusic’s friends club with my new logo…:) what do you think about it ? Hey, I found today thanks to Technorati and Indymedia that Meltingpod was linked by “Oh, my Pod !” and a French Anarchist site “En dehors” : they seem to have appreciated my April 1st Podcast with the revolutionary songs!

6/04/06 Black halos around the angels

Jeudi, avril 6th, 2006

The Black Halos are touring Europe right now, dont’ miss them ! I spoke with Billy Hopeless the singer at his arrival one month ago to Manny’s house and I plan to see them live next Sunday in Nice, the only date in South of France !! I give you an extract of our conversation (the rest could fall under iTunes’censorship…:) but you can already see some pictures of their show taken by my friend Lars in Sweden.
I played Three sheets to the wind, Third world USA and Studio suffering from their last album “Alive without control”.
Update about Buzz Bidstrup (The Angelsband)’s true interview (I cut some details to make a joke for April 1st)…for” the woman show”!!

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Billy, Billy and Adam Becvare, Buzz (pics from the bands’ websites)

Meltingpod Connections :
Update 8/04 : hey, “My French deputy” Frederic Dutoit loves the Rolling Stones and wrote on his blog he is ready to help me doing an interview with Mick Jagger for Meltingpod ! I told you the National Assembly rocks ! In le Havre, the politicians prefer the Beatles !
Update 7/04 : A lot of funny and serious photos about the demonstration anti-CPE in Marseille April 4th on MELTINGTALKS

4/04/06 Which kind of future ?

Mardi, avril 4th, 2006

I took these pictures today in Marseille during the demonstration to show how 250 000 people can walk in the streets, worried or angry but quiet, wanting a change for another form of sharing and living together in France and on this planet. I’ m preparing a new rock show for you but I could ignore this event in my town and in my country.


You could find others pictures from Marseille that day soon on MELTINGTALKS.

Meltingpod Connections :
One of my pictures is selected in “Le Monde” (April 4th-Pic N°1) !!

1/04/06 Meltingpod stops playing rock and roll !

Samedi, avril 1st, 2006

Yes, I stop playing this music because like my good friend Buzz Bidstrup from the Angels I’m sick and tired to live under the sex, drugs and rock and roll tag ! I decided to talk about politics and I propose to you a new show today with only revolutionnary songs recorded live in Marseille’s streets March 28 th during the demonstration against the government.

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La Canebière in Marseille crowded but quiet (above right; pic Robert Cudmore) and Paris again with my favorite photographer there : Gonzale.

Update 2/04 : in despite the big protest the new law is edited. The left-wing parties call to join the demonstration with the youth April 4th.