#72 Hot Summer for Meltingpod from Rose Tattoo with the Harley Days at Hamburg to the Saints/Aints with Erotic Neurotic !!

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    Mick Cocks; Angry Anderson and Mick Cocks at the Harley Days 2007

“When Mick Cocks meets Ed Kuepper” was the title you avoided at the last minute because I don’t want to fool you about the reality of such a meeting but I hope I will maybe be able to organize it one day…:) Anyway I reunited them in this podcast with the shortest interview ever recorded in the world (!!) with Mick Cocks Rose Tattoo’s guitarist at Hamburg and the both versions of Erotic Neurotic I played at the end : a live version with Ed Kuepper and the Aints (SLSQ- 93) and the studio version with the Original Saints (I’m Stranded-76). It was very heavy to edit this podcast after so long months of forced silence and a very bad moment in my life with too much questions in my head all the time…do I stop, do I continue, how…?
I chose to start at the beginning with the motorcycles in The Harley Days at Hamburg (July 14th) through the last live recording with the minidisc, the tests with the voice recorder (which has a bad quality as expected), then a noisy silence without computer (from August 31th until this week) where I tried to find some solutions with you maybe now : JOIN MELTINGWORLDS!!!
Update October 22th : the Meltingworlds’ happy donators can click now on the kangaroo !!! (right colum on this blog)…next stop ULURU !!!

Thomas and Sheree ICS (Tatts tour management) Armageddon-Music (Tatts label) and Wacken Open Air Festival managers, Tatts video team at work, Punk rockers in Suzuki doing provocation at the Harley Days, Jase from Doomfoxx (Mick Cock’s ex-band) focused on the Tatts show (Stu Doomfoxx’s singer was beside me but too close to flash in his head : too bad he was ecstatic watching at Mick !!), Greg Clarke the Tatts noise head at the soundcheck !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update October 19 th : I forgot to give you the link to the Tatts Channel.
I recommand you the end of the chapter 5 (from the 6th minute !!) where you can agree with me watching Mick on the video (explaining the genius Angus Young) : he is born to do interview !! (click on the pic for the video)

And I forgot for months to give you the links to the super interviews my friend Michael Butler from the Rock and Roll Geek Show recorded in April 2005 with PETE WELLS who found Rose Tattoo and in June 2005 (three parts) with DOC NEESON The Angels’ original singer ! Don’t miss them !

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