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30/05/05 Marseille without frontier

Lundi, mai 30th, 2005

Thanks to Radio France International-Medias du Monde ! In their interview about Podcasting in France where I had the great honor to open and close (in a hot ambiance ! oh ! Laurence !) their show with Meltingpod, their expression “Annie’s rockers friends from Marseille” inspired me in my episode N°10 to let more place to “the strangers” who love playing in Marseille and gave me friendly their songs to play in my show; they are a good example of meltingpod: Adam Becware from the Black Halos (born in Brisbane- Australia, live in Chicago-USA), Michael Butler from American Heartbreak (born in Florida-live in San Francisco) and Chris Bailey from the Saints (born in Kenya-live after Belfast, Brisbane…at least in Amsterdam).
Adam played in the same band as Mike and was born in the city where Chris formed his band the Saints.
Some pictures I took during their concerts on the same stage in Marseille at different periods : Adam in 2003, Mike in 2002 and Chris in 2005.


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Special dedicace to Nadine : Happy Birthday and Kisses !!

28/05/05 Marseille, Rock and roll’s capital

Samedi, mai 28th, 2005

Yes, Yes, I don’t exaggerate ! Last nite, the Ratakans’s 5th B-Day party at home, “la machine à coudre”, was a real demonstration; not only because there were 8 punk rock bands who played in 2h30 more loud it’s possible (5 euros the entrance) but because the audience was ready to have more fun it’s possible too ! The temperature was 30°C at the bar and 45°/50°C in the concert room : wet, wet, hot; half naked men, smiling girls…:)


On stage that night only bands from Marseille : Hatepinks, Aggravation, Elektrolux, Take Shit Back, Sweet Children, Neurotic Swingers, Lazy Bones, Cowboys from outer space…and the nicest surprise…The Gasolheads reformed for two songs…always alive !

Info : you can download from now the Radio France International file and listen to Meltingpod’s introduction in the Medias du Monde : “Annie’s rockers friends… from Marseille”? Not only ! In the next podcast we will travel with “Annie’s friends” in the wild world of Rock and Roll without frontier !

22/05/05 Conversation on the Moon

Dimanche, mai 22nd, 2005

Today, Pascal Ferrari and his friends, twenty years experience of rock and roll in Marseille, with an interview in my “home studio” and some good songs of his ex-bands : Marquis Moon, Oops and E-Monstre !


Stephane Abbadie (pic from”Bebe Clandestine”’s album), singer-guitarist from Oops and E-Monstre, Pascal and Sophie playing with the Squaws, posing with Marquis Moon with Jearc and Christophe (pic from Marquis Moon’s demo).

You could listen the interview I gave about the podcasting to Radio France International with Raphael Krafft Saturday May 28th; more infos to listen to the show on their website RFI-Medias du Monde.

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14/05/05 Friends around the world

Samedi, mai 14th, 2005

I have at least a new little mic, the same as before but it’s mine now !
The show about Europe Day comes late but we don’t care. In this new podcast, you will listen to the three bands who came to sing for Europe Day May 9th 2000 in Marseille; it was a little festival produced and managed by Eurocircle which was called : Europe Off !
I invite you for a long travel around the world : from Marseille to Melbourne (Australia), Berlin to San Francisco via Bahia (Brazil) with Silvio Ricarti, Sah’ra (Algeria-Kabylie) with Hakim Hammadouche and Montreal (Quebec) with the Magic reality of Balthazar. We don’t need passports !


Hakim, Silvio and Riad playing music at home, Mike playing guitar for me on the internet from his Rock and Roll Geek show studio in San Francisco, and a very nice big studio mic lent by my new sponsor the rock singer guitarist Bea Paradis from Sub Rosa.

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9/05/05 Europe Day

Lundi, mai 9th, 2005

May 9th is “le Jour de la Fête de l’Europe, Europa Tag, Europe Day” : it’s time to have fun together before the results of the French referendum on the European Constitution : suspense for exactly 20 more days !
I have no mic more to record a podcast; thanks to the band Kill the thrill who was my sponsor and lent me a good mic for two months; they needed to take it again to work with a band in their recording studio. I need money to buy another one. I hope to find a quick solution.
Meanwhile I give you my last pictures on my second favorite beach near Marseille : poverty is not so hard with the sea and the sun !


The effect “Marseille” : Are they Italians, Germans, English or French men ?
What are they speaking about : the European Constitution, Gazoline price or Women ?


1/05/05 In May Do what you like !

Dimanche, mai 1st, 2005

First picture from Markus : Walpurgis Night yesterday in Berlin !

The Saints are still on the road and seem to have fun touring in Europe.
A few days ago they wrote on their website :
“The band are in Spain & it is FAB! more INFO would be available except we are having such a good time no one wants to come to the computer…more details will be available soon come !”
They are right : It’s summer for a week in South Europe and I decided to abandon my computer too and go to my favorite beach (first feet bath)


and then prepare a podcast to promote rock bands I like a lot but who don’t exist anymore as band; they split a few years ago: it’s a perfect act to celebrate the month of May ! Let the pleasure drives your life !
I’m happy to introduce to you now : Marquis Moon (I’m planning an interview with them to speak about their work now) and Gasolheads from Marseille (Gasolheads=Neurotic Swingers+The Hatepinks+Take Shit Back) and Stevie Stiletto from Jacksonville-Florida with a call-interview of the ex-bassist : Michael Butler who lives in San Francisco (Mike plays with American Heartbreak now). Stevie Stiletto was re-formed later by the singer with new musicians.

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