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19/02/08 Thoughts to Bon Scott from France to Australia : Trust playing Your Final Act and the Bon Scott Celebration Concert 2008 at Fremantle

Mardi, février 19th, 2008

Bernie Bonvoisin from TRUST singing Your final act : “(I wish I had been there) I wouldn’t have left you…I would have kept you warm…this man was my friend…he was called Bon Scott !”
A lot of people surely thought the same thing than Bernie since that day of February 19th 1980 where Bon Scott died alone abandoned unconscious in a car during a very freezing night in London, far away from home.
I know it gave the energy to my friend Buzz Bidstrup to organize as artistic director this big event the Aussie Rockers Saluting Bon Scott at Fremantle (where Bon is burried) reuniting a lot of Bon’s friends and fans for a concert last year and raising the money to erect a statue to Bon there. In a few days February 24th they will unveil the statue and will give a second show around “him” ! More details about the line-up HERE !
A new interview will be recorded with Buzz…soon !
I specially dedicate these pics taken at the Trust’s show at Istres last December to Arnaud “Bon Scott Rawpower” (Bon Scott Ultimate Fan from North of France…:) who devoted a big part of his time to honor Bon’s memory and share his passion for AC/DC with Ben in this fantastic website : Back in Black and their new webzine Can’t stop AC/DC.

Meltingpod Connections :
Happy to read other French people in the TRUST FORUM thought to Bon today. A link for you with Buzz’s last interview in 2007 about the show at Fremantle and his personal memories with Bon !! and to the others Australian rock stars’ interviews (AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo…) recorded during the show (in English sorry…:)

13/02/08 HISTORIC ACT IN AUSTRALIA AND FOR THE WHOLE WORLD : Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says officially sorry to the indigenous Australians

Mercredi, février 13th, 2008

A great emotion to hear that solemn talk at the Australian Parliament from France !! It’s maybe and surely the first time in the world I guess, a nation apologizes for the damages caused to the indigenous who lived in their country before they arrived as…colonialists !! A lot of countries in the world including France caused the same damages in the past even with having the sincere feeling they only brought their best : their greatest civilization !! I feel me proud for all my friends in Australia who helped that day to come : a great day for the Aborigines for Australia and for the whole planet ! and the first step for a big change in our society I hope !

12/02/08 Aboriginal Welcome to the Australian Parliament who will say Sorry for the stolen generation tomorrow !

Mardi, février 12th, 2008

Mr Kevin Rudd will become the first Prime Minister to bridge the gap between the black and white communities in Australia accepting the responsibility for the forced removal of aboriginal children from their parents and will say sorry in behaf of the whole nation to the indigeneous families tomorrow : a historic day for Australia. BRAVO !!!!! Today was already a great day with a traditional welcome to country by Indigenous elders which has been held in federal Parliament for the first time !!

Aboriginal Welcome to the Parliament today !!

Story about the stolen generation…

The John Butler trio’s contribution for the Aboriginal rights !!

01/01/08 Happy New Year 2008 !!

Mardi, janvier 1st, 2008

May the quiet might from these mountains accompany you always higher in 2008 with Meltingpod playing great music, inviting fantastic musicians, supported by terrific listeners !!
My favorite sentence for you during this new year and the next ones :
“Only the fools who believe in their dreams will see them coming true !!”

BTW : Thanks for all your wishes and support on MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD !!

25/11/07 Interview with Philippe Jazarin de la Machine à coudre on Meltingtalks (in French)

Lundi, novembre 26th, 2007

Philippe Jazarin de la Machine a coudre a man who loved the women and the rock and roll, more exacly who loved everybody and the music.
He opened my favorite punk rock and roll’s venue at Marseille and he was my friend. The podcast interview is on line on Meltingtalks in French.

You answered to me with your usual humor last October 5th when I wanted to come and see you and to do an interview with you : “You come to record my testament before I die ?”. I answered to you : “No, there were more than two years we had to do that interview !”. But we both knew the time was very short to do it : Philippe died last Thursday November 22th…
I edited that interview as you wanted it : without cutting anything !!
May the aboriginal spirits help you on the other side…kisses…
You remember : “for me you’re Marseille’s punk rock and roll heart”…and for that you will never die !!

22/10/07 A Meltingweekend with the Bon Scott Celebration Concert’ CD’s launch at Perth, Rose Tattoo Australian tour’s last show at Brisbane and…Godard at Marseille !!

Lundi, octobre 22nd, 2007

pics from Clair at Perth (Dave Evans and Randell Waller; Rick and John Brewster; The Party Boys with Kevin Borich, John Brewster, Buzz Bidstrup and Alan Lancaster; Clair and Buzz) Grant at Brisbane (Angry Anderson and Paul DeMarco; Mick Cocks) and some Godard’s fans on the internet (Jean-Luc Godard portrait; pics from his movies : Pierrot le Fou and le Mépris).

My friends, Clair who had the luck to go to the Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s Cd’s launch at Perth October 19th and Grant who was enough lucky on his side to see Rose Tattoo at the Hard Rock Cafe at Brisbane October 20th, shared instantly with me the pics from their show (Thanks Clair to offer me this cool pic with Buzz !! toooo cute !!)…
What could I do on my side at Marseille Sunday 21th to forget the frustration ?…to answer positively to a friend of mine FamFinale de la Matière who proposed to me to go to the theater La Minoterie (my second home a few years ago I was very happy to see again) and watch…a rarity from Jean-Luc Godard my favorite French films maker !! a giant movie 5 hours long !!! which is modestly called : History (ies) of the Cinema !!!
What a fun to share with around 100 hards fans this incredible kaleidoscope : a true artistic and political manifesto…very Frenchy but hey ! Godard’s world is a part of my own selective memory : Wenders, Fellini, Bunuel, Cassavettes, Picasso, Gauguin, Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, Leo Ferré…we were literaly bombed during 5 hours with somptuous pictures and brilliant words…not sure that someone will find the courage to adapt this movie in English one day but it will be interesting to share this treasure with the world too.
Back home I had this idea to show you in this quick Meltingpics my own kaleidoscope of the week end, from Australia to Marseille !! Enjoy !
Grant sent me also a spontaneous review from his show with the Tatts :… (more…)

#72 Hot Summer for Meltingpod from Rose Tattoo with the Harley Days at Hamburg to the Saints/Aints with Erotic Neurotic !!

Mercredi, octobre 17th, 2007
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To listen to the podcast about the Harley Days 2007 at Hamburg (mp3 25′)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

    Mick Cocks; Angry Anderson and Mick Cocks at the Harley Days 2007

“When Mick Cocks meets Ed Kuepper” was the title you avoided at the last minute because I don’t want to fool you about the reality of such a meeting but I hope I will maybe be able to organize it one day…:) Anyway I reunited them in this podcast with the shortest interview ever recorded in the world (!!) with Mick Cocks Rose Tattoo’s guitarist at Hamburg and the both versions of Erotic Neurotic I played at the end : a live version with Ed Kuepper and the Aints (SLSQ- 93) and the studio version with the Original Saints (I’m Stranded-76). It was very heavy to edit this podcast after so long months of forced silence and a very bad moment in my life with too much questions in my head all the time…do I stop, do I continue, how…?
I chose to start at the beginning with the motorcycles in The Harley Days at Hamburg (July 14th) through the last live recording with the minidisc, the tests with the voice recorder (which has a bad quality as expected), then a noisy silence without computer (from August 31th until this week) where I tried to find some solutions with you maybe now : JOIN MELTINGWORLDS!!!
Update October 22th : the Meltingworlds’ happy donators can click now on the kangaroo !!! (right colum on this blog)…next stop ULURU !!!

Thomas and Sheree ICS (Tatts tour management) Armageddon-Music (Tatts label) and Wacken Open Air Festival managers, Tatts video team at work, Punk rockers in Suzuki doing provocation at the Harley Days, Jase from Doomfoxx (Mick Cock’s ex-band) focused on the Tatts show (Stu Doomfoxx’s singer was beside me but too close to flash in his head : too bad he was ecstatic watching at Mick !!), Greg Clarke the Tatts noise head at the soundcheck !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update October 19 th : I forgot to give you the link to the Tatts Channel.
I recommand you the end of the chapter 5 (from the 6th minute !!) where you can agree with me watching Mick on the video (explaining the genius Angus Young) : he is born to do interview !! (click on the pic for the video)

And I forgot for months to give you the links to the super interviews my friend Michael Butler from the Rock and Roll Geek Show recorded in April 2005 with PETE WELLS who found Rose Tattoo and in June 2005 (three parts) with DOC NEESON The Angels’ original singer ! Don’t miss them !

7/10/07 Meltingpod and the Aussie boys : a long love rock story now !!

Dimanche, octobre 7th, 2007 is a new website introducing all the Aussie hard rock bands who played the Bon Scott Celebration Concert in February 2007 : you could find there a lot of information about the bands, live photos, extracts of live videos (including the Angels band : Marseille and Am I ever gonna see your face again, Rose Tattoo : Man about town, The Party Boys with Dave Evans (AC/DC’s first singer) : Baby please don’t go and more…+ the possibility to order the CD from the concert which will be launched with a great rock show October 19th 2007 at Perth (The Metro) with the Angels band, the Party Boys including two AC/DC’s ex-members Dave Evans and Mark Evans, AC/DC tribute bands 21 Guns and Hell Bells ! Another show is scheduled October 21 th at Claremont with the Angels and 21 Guns.
Check them on too !

Sometimes I have the feeling I live myself in Australia (a lot of people think that too !!) and I ask myself if Meltingpod is not becoming an Australian rock podcast !!! I know there are many months I only spoke about them, I try to resist to the attraction but they are too charming…look how these Aussie rockers are elegant and gallant to give me now the first place above such famous bands on their links page !!

What can I do ?… I will try to stay an authentic woman from Marseille giving news from my town but I think the direction is taken to integrate regurlarly the Australian rock news in my blog and podcasts with the help of so many Australian listeners and Meltingpod’s friends. I hope you will appreciate it. If not let me know.
So some news about the Angels band who always want to come to Marseille (you can click on the link to ask them in your town too) and a nice pic sent by Dave Evans himself at one of his last show in Texas !


Meltingpod Connections Update October 10th
Today I thought I need to live again in my town, not only through the internet most of the time in Australia and who is coming to Marseille tonight ?? Steve Tallis a musician from Perth Western Australia !!! He is playing at l’Intermédiaire (Place Jean Jaurès) around 10:30 pm; I “met” Steve one year ago on myspace and if he is here today it’s not a real coincidence as you can imagine…:) If you live in the town come to the show !!! Steve is fantastic !!And I spoke again about Australia…:)

04/10/07 Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian Tour’s first show !!

Jeudi, octobre 4th, 2007

Straight ahead last night from Brisbane-Queensland…
and Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian tour’s first show.
Update (10/5) to answer to Michael’s comment : It’s not me on the pic with Mick Cocks, it’s Brenda !! (she lives at Brisbane). Maybe this little story behind the pic sent by Brenda will help you to appreciate it better.
“As Rose Tattoo started to leave stage, I ran past security and yelled to Mick, “please can I have a photo it’s for Annie in Marseille” he stopped with a big big smile and posed a shot. Then later when Motorhead came out he came up to me from security area and waved so I went to him again and Airbourne guitarist took the shot of the two of us for you !”.

Brenda (on the pic’s left) sent me that pic with that text : “I told Mick the photo was for you so his smile is for you my love !!”
Aren’t they both nice ? aaah ! Aussie rock and roll hearts…I love you !!
pic taken by Airbourne : Thank you !!

Ryan on stage (pic from their website) with Airbourne a great, young and energetic Australian rock band !! Check it !

More pics are expected from the show soon I hope. BTW : Brenda manages with Ice Management and Productions a lot a great Australian rock bands + one from Belfast (Ireland) : Inch High. Check them too !!

Meltingpod Connections : Update October 7th…straight ahead from Newcastle NSW, Dave Williams very excited (thanks a lot !!) just sent us a review from Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian tour :
“Hi Annie,
Motorhead - Tatts - Airbourne gig in Newcastle NSW (06.10.07) was fantastic; A huge gathering of black T shirts - which doesn’t happen often up here; Airbourne continue to get the crowds vote with the energy & traditional rock banter by Mr O’Keefe (singer / guitarists) plenty of “hey hey hey” fists in the air stuff - I’d seen them 3 times previous, thought the sound was a bit messy - but who wants it “nice”?
Tatts came on…”(more in the comments below : have a look !!!)
Update October 12th : Thanks to Clair for this show review’s link at Melbourne by Nice pics in their gallery !

01/10/07 JEAN LEE and the YELLOW DOG : Ed Kuepper’s new album ’s release today !!

Lundi, octobre 1st, 2007

Reduced to the silence for too long weeks because some serious material and financial problems (broken laptop at the end with all the sound stuff inside, including ED KUEPPER’s interview about this new album !!) I kept to stay alive on my MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD to spread the music I like…check it ! and add Ed’s songs to your page if you have an account there and if you appreciate him !
I’m so sorry about that missed meeting prepared for long months : I’m trying to fix this bad situation as soon as I can.

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to the chicks from WORLDPUNKROCKCHICKSGANG (a group I created on myspace for some gang’s action on the internet) and the boys who played Ed’s songs on their myspace homepage the whole day today; through that way his music was played, saluted and promoted around the world from Sweden, to UK, France and the whole Australia…it was a first test but it’s not bad !
PS : Message from ED : “thats great long live the punkchicksgang !”.

18/08/07 Marseille from the Angels Video Live 2007 at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert !!

Samedi, août 18th, 2007

This video will be included in a DVD released this year but “first a CD launch about The Bon Scott Celebration Concert is set for the weekend commencing Friday 19 October at Metro City Perth. The Party Boys and The Angels will be co-headline on that night. A classic Sunday session will be held at the Claremont Football club on Sunday 21 October at 3.00pm featuring the Angels and support band.
The Party Boys line up for October 19 playing Bon era AC/DC classics and their own hits is:
Kevin Borich - Australia’s greatest rock guitarist!
Buzz Bidstrup - The Angels
Dave Gleeson - Screaming Jets
Alan Lancaster - Status Quo
Randall Waller - Shania Twain Band
Paul Christie - Mondo Rock
Vince Lovegrove - The Valentines with Bon Scott”.

Not useful to say I would like to be there…I hope you remember or have to listen to my PODCASTS ABOUT THE BON SCOTT CELEBRATION CONCERT recorded with Buzz Bidstrup organizing that big event and then during the show and rehearsals with his Australian rock stars friends !!!

Update Sunday 19th : The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s NEW WEBSITE SALUTING BON SCOTT is launched !! Hey CHECK THE LINKS PAGE !!!!

Meltingpod Connections :
For Doc Neeson’s fans here some interesting infos about :
his new band Doc Neeson’s Angels,
his Australian tour dates on myspace,
an interview (audio + slide show) recorded by Parramatta Sun
and a review from Acoustic Series : Thanks Michael Pursche for the links !!
Update August 31th : a very cool review from Sue in the comments here about Doc Neeson ’s current Australian tour !! Check it ! Thanks Sue !!

17/08/07 The Saints at the Australian Television tomorrow August 18th 2007 !!

Vendredi, août 17th, 2007

Documentary about the Saints at the Australian Television SBS Saturday August 18th at 08:30 pm !! Great Australian Albums will introduce “with never-before-seen live footage, interviews, photographs and artwork The Saints’ first single “(I’m) Stranded” which burst out of Brisbane, Australia in 1976 as one of the landmark recordings in the punk rock revolution that changed music forever.”

The Saints - telephones

“In the mid-1970s, Queensland was under the thumb of a corrupt, politically repressive government, and the number one enemy of the state was youth. Singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper met and bonded over a love of music. The Saints brand of loud rock was shunned, so the group took it upon themselves to record their first single. Within weeks, they were the darlings of the international music press. EMI records in London signed the band - the first time an Australian artist had been approached. The Saints were in London at the epicentre of the punk revolution. The group’s individualistic, Australian scepticism alienated them from the fashion-conscious punk rock scene and the band imploded.(From Australia, in English) (Documentary Series) M (L) CC”.