04/10/07 Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian Tour’s first show !!

Straight ahead last night from Brisbane-Queensland…
and Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian tour’s first show.
Update (10/5) to answer to Michael’s comment : It’s not me on the pic with Mick Cocks, it’s Brenda !! (she lives at Brisbane). Maybe this little story behind the pic sent by Brenda will help you to appreciate it better.
“As Rose Tattoo started to leave stage, I ran past security and yelled to Mick, “please can I have a photo it’s for Annie in Marseille” he stopped with a big big smile and posed a shot. Then later when Motorhead came out he came up to me from security area and waved so I went to him again and Airbourne guitarist took the shot of the two of us for you !”.

Brenda (on the pic’s left) sent me that pic with that text : “I told Mick the photo was for you so his smile is for you my love !!”
Aren’t they both nice ? aaah ! Aussie rock and roll hearts…I love you !!
pic taken by Airbourne : Thank you !!

Ryan on stage (pic from their website) with Airbourne a great, young and energetic Australian rock band !! Check it !

More pics are expected from the show soon I hope. BTW : Brenda manages with Ice Management and Productions a lot a great Australian rock bands + one from Belfast (Ireland) : Inch High. Check them too !!

Meltingpod Connections : Update October 7th…straight ahead from Newcastle NSW, Dave Williams very excited (thanks a lot !!) just sent us a review from Motörhead Rose Tattoo Airbourne’s Australian tour :
“Hi Annie,
Motorhead - Tatts - Airbourne gig in Newcastle NSW (06.10.07) was fantastic; A huge gathering of black T shirts - which doesn’t happen often up here; Airbourne continue to get the crowds vote with the energy & traditional rock banter by Mr O’Keefe (singer / guitarists) plenty of “hey hey hey” fists in the air stuff - I’d seen them 3 times previous, thought the sound was a bit messy - but who wants it “nice”?
Tatts came on…”(more in the comments below : have a look !!!)
Update October 12th : Thanks to Clair for this show review’s link at Melbourne by Undercover.com.au. Nice pics in their gallery !

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