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#95 The New Christs in European tour 2009 : Live interview in Marseille with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) and Live music !!

Vendredi, mai 22nd, 2009
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A Live Interview with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) playing in Marseille with The New Christs : what a pleasure for me and I hope for you ! Rob allowed me to record the show and I illustrated the interview with some Live songs’ excerpts among the excited dancing crowd !
We spoke with Rob Younger about their current European tour, their ex-label Citadel where Rob was the producer, Radio Birman, the New Christs’ current line-up, the song writing process, the Saints’s last show at ATP, the girls in Marseille…:)

Rob Younger and Jim Dickson (both in Radio Birman before); Rob Younger; Jim and Brent; Dave and Rob

The New Christs’ line up 2006-2009 is Rob Younger (vocals), Jim Dickson (bass), Brent Williams (guitar), Dave Kettley (lead guitar) and Stuart Wilson (drums).

The French band Holy Curse opened the show for the New Christs that night in Marseille : a big thanks to Paulo the guitarist who organized the whole thing (the first time in Marseille for the New Christs) and to Vinz the bass guitarist (with Dimi Dero Inc too) who made the meeting and interview with Rob possible in a very relaxed and friendly ambiance !

Rob and Jim; Rob fronting a very attentive audience during the quiet parts of the show (last pic from my friend Pirlouiiiit photographer at LiveInMarseille review in French here; I’m somewhere in front of the stage !)

The New Christs are touring Europe right now with a new album “Gloria” : check their site and don’t miss them !!!

BTW : A little back in the history to 77 : Live at Paddington Town Hall where The Saints gave such a good show too, in the same year Rob Younger with…Radio Birman !!!

Molly Malone Live show by Irishmen in Marseille for Meltingpod blog 4th anniversary !!

Dimanche, mars 1st, 2009

A little video I filmed during a funny party in Marseille and I chose to publish today to wish my blog Meltingpod a nice 4th anniversary : All their secret rituals will be revealed to you by the Irishmen themselves…at least !!

There even is a special mention to Chris Bailey from the Saints (the first Irishman I met in my life !!), if you’re attentive…:)
This “intercultural” party closed in fact an European one week long exchange between young people coming from Ireland, Spain, Italy and France organized by Eurocircle Marseille in September 2008.

#89 Dimi Dero Inc : Live interview and music in Marseille - A nice French Australian connection and friendship around the rock world !!

Dimanche, janvier 11th, 2009
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Dimi Dero Inc : A French band who loves Australia as much as me, you could hear it in the live interview I recorded with Dimi Dero (vocals and guitar) and Vinz (bass) after the show-case they did at Lollipop Store in Marseille just before their show at “la machine à coudre” in October 2008. We spoke about their connections with Australia, their friendly and musical complicities with a lot of Australian musicians : Penny Ikinger, Loene Carmen, Delphine and Warren Ellis, Mick Harvey, Rob Younger from Radio Birman and the New Christs, Steve Lucas and Cathy Green from X, the Drones…

Jean-Luc (guitar), Dimi (vocals and guitar), Pascal (drums)

Experimentation with an electric drill used as a mediator; Vinz at the bass.

Beside their musical project with Dimi Dero Inc or with Penny Ikinger when she is touring Europe, Dimi plays in many bands as a drummer (Tex Napalm, Mark Steiner, Youpi Youpi Yeah…) and Vinz with Holy Curse.
Their next album will be produced by Rob Younger but Dimi has his own label too Stagger Records created at the origin to release a tribute album to Rowland S. Howard (Birthday Party) and for other bands in a next future.

To illustrate the interview I played some excerpts from Dimi Dero’s solo album “Good Morning Monsieur Edvard” and from Dimi Dero Inc’s both first albums “Greetings from Trauma” and “Sisyphus, window cleaning” + some live recordings at la machine à coudre for the ambience !! Enjoy !!

the show-case at Lollipop Store; at the end of the show, Dimi wanted to play drums !!

#88 Penny Ikinger (Melbourne Australia) : Live interview in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with Penelope Inc (Penny + Dimi and Vinz from the French band Dimi Dero Inc) !!

Vendredi, novembre 21st, 2008
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Penny Ikinger from Melbourne Australia played in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with a special line-up called Penelope Inc including Dimi Dero on the drums and Vinz at the bass guitar, both played together in the band “Dimi Dero Inc“. It was a great musical and human pleasure to meet them three together : a true Australian-French Meltingpod as I love !!

Penny Ikinger playing at Marselle at la machine a coudre !!

Penny gave me a very spontaneous Live interview after the show and I illustrated our talk with some rough excerpts of the Live show at la machine a coudre : the best underground punk rock place in Marseille !! Thanks to the Relax and co’s team who organized that show !

Penny and Dimi Dero on the drums; Dimi very focused…

I started and closed the podcast with two songs from her first album “Electra” : “Poison Berries” and “Kathleen” to give you a better and proper idea of her music.

Dimi; Penelope Inc : Penny, Dimi and Vinz (Dimi Dero Inc and Holy Curse from Paris)

Penny explained how she chose Dimi and Vinz to make that European tour; I will introduce you later in details these both French musicians from Paris in a next podcast when they gave a show in Marseille with their band “Dimi Dero Inc” : they played in too much different line-up in the same time to write it here.

#87 The French band Trust in European tour 2008 Live interview in Marseille with Norbert Krief aka Nono the guitarist !!

Jeudi, novembre 13th, 2008
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Norbert Krief aka Nono, guitarist and founding member of the French band TRUST in 77, accepted to give me an interview when they played in Marseille on October 10th during their European tour 2008.

Trust in Marseille : Nono (guitar), Bernie (vocals), Farid (drums) and a wonderful lightshow but pretty hard to take good pics in three songs !

Nono was enough kind to answered to my questions in English for being understable by my listeners and all their fans around the world even if it was not easy for us both to really express ourselves in a foreign language. I hope you will appreciate the performance !! We spoke about their new album “13 à table”, the critique about our society and politics’ drifts or failures in their lyrics (even if Bernie is the master, he was not free for the interview), the evolution of their music (Nono writes the melodies),

Nono, Bernie, Deck (DJ), Vivi (guitar) and Iso (bass) in action !

…their world reputation in the hard rock scene (cf. the American band Anthrax covering “Antisocial” in English), even if they just considered themselves as a rock band, their friendship with the Australian bands Rose Tattoo and AC/DC and I illustrate the interview with some excerpts of their new album as well as some good old songs which crossed and touched all the generations during 30 years.

no break and the audience is crazy, sang all a long the show (at the fire front Nono 55 a big fan came from the East of France)

#86 : New and old punk bands around the world : UK, France, USA and Australia…Last news : The Saints and Laughing Clowns re-form with the Original members for the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival 2009!! Nick Cave will be there too !!

Jeudi, octobre 2nd, 2008
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This time I got a true live audience with Gary from Dublin (Ireland), David from Galicie (Spain) and David from Torino (Italy) and I interviewed them during the time I played the songs chosen for that podcast : 16’s Legal from 3 Foot Ninja (UK), “Ode à Sarko” from Miseres et Cordes (France), “Blood for Oil” from Mutant Press (USA), “Where did I go wrong” (+ “I love Rock and Roll” in intro) from the band “X” founded by Ian Rilen, “Skinny Jean” from Ed Kuepper and “Wild about you and Erotic Neurotic” from the Original Saints (all those bands from Australia if you didn’t know it before)…Gary (18 years old) and the both David (24 years old) were very serious to give their point of view, they played themselves in bands : punk, lo-fi garage, new metal…a true shared pleasure with them, i hope for you too !

Jordan (16 years old) from 3 Foot Ninja (UK) Gary (18) from Dublin (Ireland)

Mutant Press (USA), the band “X” (Australia) in 2003 with Steve Lucas, Cath Synnerdahl, Ian Rilen and Geof Holmes (a meeting of the original line-up who recorded the “I love Rock’n Roll” album)

BTW : Gary and the both David owned a group of 20 young people between 16 and 24 who were during a week at Marseille in September for a transnational training session where I taught them how to record an interview and put it on a blog (on Meltingtalks soon with the best moments!!).

David from Italy (his band : your personal Santa Claus), Gary from Ireland and his percing-tunnel (his band : “As it bleeds”!!) David from Spain (his band : SNC “Sistema Nervioso Centra”), Gary and me at the final party !

Big and unexpected news at the end : Ed Kuepper announced to me Yesterday they re-formed the Original Saints with Chris Bailey and Ivor Hay for three shows at All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in January 2009…in Australia !!! For the same event he will re-form as well Laughing Clowns with Jeffrey Weggener, Louise Elliott and Leslie Millar…more ? Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will be there too !!!!!!!!

#85 Ed Kuepper in European tour 2008 Part 4 Live recording at the soundcheck at the Olympia at Paris with the Bad Seeds : interview in French and in English under the black flag with Radio Libertaire and Place aux fous musique !!

Dimanche, août 10th, 2008
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In this podcast a live interview with ED KUEPPER recorded after his soundcheck at the Olympia at Paris June 9th for the last show of his European tour 2008 with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Ed Kuepper just before the show; Ed at the show during Eternally yours

The interview is simultaneously translated in French by my friend Eric Tessier who hosts the rock show “Place aux fous musique” on the French Anarchist radio “Radio Libertaire” : a premiere on Meltingpod !! Eric couldn’t air the interview before the end of July, that’s why I waited.
I illustrated the interview with some excerpts of my live recordings at the soundcheck, specially when from the very first minutes both Bad Seeds Warren Ellis at the violin and Martyn Casey at the bass joined Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener to improvise together fot the first time on “Eternally yours” !!! A very nice surprise !

Jeffrey, Ed, Warren and Martyn at the soundcheck working on Eternally yours; Ed and Eric after the interview in the dressing room.

But the acoustic was very hard at the Olympia ( a new venue in fact, the old one has been destroyed a few years ago!!) and the sound engineer is working during my recording : not easy in that context to capture a correct sound but this recording was the unique memory of that interesting work; so I chose to keep some short moments like a very special noisy version from “Nights in Venice” at the end !! L’Olympia : a new punk venue ?

Ed’s sound engineer at the desk; The unique place to hear a sound which was not too much saturated in that prestigious venue !!

Ed announced in the interview his own label “Prince Melon records”‘ re-launching and his first live album’s release under this label. You could order on line his new production on the Prince Melon records page on myspace : Sir Alfonso will offer you for the visit a free downloading of a live bootleg recorded in November 2007 at Brisbane with the Kowalski Collective : don’t miss it and try to support his initiative if you believe in the independant music !!
You can as well support Meltingpod by clicking on my kangaroo logo on the right column of this blog and become an Happy Donator : even if it’s symbolic, it’s important to be present !

Prince Melon and Sir Alfonso’s three first bootlegs

Meltingpod Connections
Update August 11th : hey watch what I found on youtube today !!!! Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener joining Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on stage to play the encore…at the Olympia !!!! what a crazy end !!

#84 Rose Tattoo in European tour 2008 : Live Interview with Angry Anderson at Paris

Vendredi, juillet 11th, 2008
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Angry Anderson is my guest in this podcast as I was his guest at The Tatts’ show at Paris June 30th…he wrote to me he was happy to do an interview with me and I was happy to see Rose Tattoo Live again after one year…In fact we had a pretty strange conversation : Was Angry sharing with me a short moment of doubts or did he really announce a break in his musical carreer ? I tried other subjects like his last trip to China, his friendship with the French band Trust, the internet and the music but I was perturbed it’s clear. A few hours later, Angry was superbe of presence on stage like he really gave his last show in France ! The audience answered very enthusiastic, like a triumph at the first song what’s rare in our country.
The best for you is to listen to the podcast I illustrated with some excerpts from the Tatts’ last album Blood Brothers; I chose to finish with a symbolic song : “We can’t be beaten” !!

The Tatts Live at Paris June 30th.

BTW : In the categories of this blog you will find all the reviews and podcasts I published about Rose Tattoo for more than one year ! Enjoy !

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks Andreas who linked this podcast to his German fans website’s homepage devoted in part to Rose Tattoo but you could also find there news from Doomfoxx, Nashville Pussy and AC/DC (coverbands and fans).
Thanks you Herko for your link on The Rose Tattoo’s official website with fresh news from the band after Paris and more…

#82 Ed Kuepper LIVE at l’Olympia Paris and at the Tempodrom Berlin : Interview (part3) in the Tiergarten during his European tour 2008 with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Mercredi, juin 18th, 2008
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I start this podcast with ED KUEPPER opening his show at l’Olympia June 9th at Paris with one my favorite song “the way I made you feel”!!

Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener during their show at l’Olympia

Martyn P.Casey from the Bad Seeds joining Ed and Jeffrey on stage

That concert closed his 3 weeks long european tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with some great moments : Martyn P. Casey and Warren Ellis (the violonist and bass guitarist from the Bad Seeds) joined Ed and Jeffrey on stage for an unforgettable version from Eternally yours (videos clips soon : stay connected !!).; at the end of Nick Cave’ s show Ed and Jeffrey joined the Bad Seeds…Paris was lucky and me too !!

For the last song a big jam : Ed Kuepper, Warren Ellis (violin) and Nick Cave (back on the piano); the three drummers together : Thomas Wydler, Jeffrey Wegener and Jim Sclavunos !!

We continued the interview (part 3) in a very quiet, peaceful and intimate garden with flowers we found out walking in the Tiergarten at Berlin without a precise idea of the North…in fact a place for confidences and Ed spoke about his temporary blockage to write any song or play live after producing 12 (or 15 ?) albums between 1990 and 1997 , how he started again and his new approach of the music now !!

In that podcast I played “Horse under water” recorded during the show at the Tempodrom, “Rainy night” and Everything I got belongs to you” recorded during the soundcheck at l’Olympia…Ed tested all the time new versions with Jeffrey and it’s really an endless pleasure…:)

Some relaxing moments with Jeffrey in the dressing room at l’Olympia, with the Bad Seeds in the street at Paris (Matt Crosby the sound engineer and Conway Savage the pianist) !!

There will be a part 4 proposing a new interview recorded with Ed at l’Olympia and my friend Eric Tessier who hosts the bi-weekly rock show “Place aux fous musique” from Radio Libertaire, a national French radio spread by the Anarchist Federation (simultaneously translated in French); the podcast will be published after he will air the show July 25th…here I just played an extract with some great news about Ed’s projects for the second part of 2008 !! We couldn’t wait to share that with you !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update June 25th : interesting interviews with Ed (in 2002 to 2005) on that site at “Tarentula!” by Christopher Hollow.

#80 Ed Kuepper LIVE interview and music at Berlin during his European tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds : Soundcheck in the Tempodrom and Interview in the Tiergarten Podcast Part 1

Jeudi, mai 29th, 2008
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At least I met ED KUEPPER in person at Berlin and he offered me the possibility to record his both soundchecks and live shows May 21th and 22th…alone with him, his drummer Jeffrey Wegener and the sound engineer in the Tempodrom the biggest venue at Berlin and a few hours later packed with 3500 people : I really loved the intimacy of the soundchecks but the shows were very exciting too and good !!!

Alone in the Tempodrom at Berlin with Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener at the soundcheck

Ed and Jeffrey playing live in front of 3500 people
The crowd at the break in the Tempodrom; Jeffrey at the break in the dressing room ! (click to enlarge the pics)

The second day in the afternoon I recorded one hour interview with Ed Kuepper in the Tiergarten a wonderful park in the middle of Berlin : my idea was to approach his musical evolution during 35 years.
In this podcast part one we started at Brême-Germany where Ed was born, then his childhood in Australia and his beginning with the “second band” : “Kid Galahad and the Eternals aka the Saints”…be patient : a small ridiculous little wind wasted the five first minutes of the recording but fortunately I detected it. I illustrate the interview with some of my live recordings at the soundcheck with : “When I first came to this land, Rainy night, Honey steel’s gold, The way I made you feel” + an unexpected cover from Skip James “Cypress Grove Blues” by Ed and Jeffrey + a cover I chose from the Troggs “I want you” by the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs featuring Wayne Kramer to illustrate Ed’s talk about this first song they played with Chris and Ivor at their high school party…+ a short interview with Jeffrey at the end recorded after the second show : he even sang me a song…:)

Ed Kuepper’s European Tour’s last dates with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :
May 30 2008 8:00P Villa Solaria Florence
May 31 2008 8:00P Vila Fidelia Perugia
Jun 1 2008 8:00P Tendastrisce Rome
Jun 3 2008 8:00P IN Music Festival Zagreb
Jun 4 2008 8:00P Arena Belgrade
Jun 6 2008 8:00P Moni Lazariston Salonika
Jun 7 2008 8:00P Lycabetus Theatre Athens
Jun 9 2008 8:00P Olympia Paris

25/11/07 Interview with Philippe Jazarin de la Machine à coudre on Meltingtalks (in French)

Lundi, novembre 26th, 2007

Philippe Jazarin de la Machine a coudre a man who loved the women and the rock and roll, more exacly who loved everybody and the music.
He opened my favorite punk rock and roll’s venue at Marseille and he was my friend. The podcast interview is on line on Meltingtalks in French.

You answered to me with your usual humor last October 5th when I wanted to come and see you and to do an interview with you : “You come to record my testament before I die ?”. I answered to you : “No, there were more than two years we had to do that interview !”. But we both knew the time was very short to do it : Philippe died last Thursday November 22th…
I edited that interview as you wanted it : without cutting anything !!
May the aboriginal spirits help you on the other side…kisses…
You remember : “for me you’re Marseille’s punk rock and roll heart”…and for that you will never die !!

#70 Rose Tattoo European Tour 2007 : Live interview with the singer Angry Anderson - Part 3 New and old culturs, aborigines around the world

Jeudi, juillet 12th, 2007

To listen to the interview with Angry Anderson Part 3 (mp3 : 35 minutes)
click on the icon Click on the link to download the file

Kingy and me (photo Mick Cocks), Daï and Angry at Lyon, fan’s tattoo !!

Pictures sent to me by the Tatts fans : Thank you !!
Mick (sent by Eli_Ann, Hamburg), Dave (on the right) with Pete Wells (sent by Dave, Newcastle-Australia), Mick (sent by Stefan, Germany)

Angry Anderson, Rose Tattoo’s singer with me backstages at Lyon-France during their last European tour : in this third part of the interview Angry answers to my question about the aboriginal people’s issues in the Australian white and modern society; quickly the conversation turns into an universal philosophical exchange of point of views : it was passionating for me, I hope you will like it !!
I played extracts of “Nothing to lose” and “Once in a lifetime” from their last album Blood brothers and “Nice boys don’t play rock and roll ” Live at at Wacken festival in Germany extracted from a great video you can watch on the Tatts’website.