#88 Penny Ikinger (Melbourne Australia) : Live interview in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with Penelope Inc (Penny + Dimi and Vinz from the French band Dimi Dero Inc) !!

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Penny Ikinger from Melbourne Australia played in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with a special line-up called Penelope Inc including Dimi Dero on the drums and Vinz at the bass guitar, both played together in the band “Dimi Dero Inc“. It was a great musical and human pleasure to meet them three together : a true Australian-French Meltingpod as I love !!

Penny Ikinger playing at Marselle at la machine a coudre !!

Penny gave me a very spontaneous Live interview after the show and I illustrated our talk with some rough excerpts of the Live show at la machine a coudre : the best underground punk rock place in Marseille !! Thanks to the Relax and co’s team who organized that show !

Penny and Dimi Dero on the drums; Dimi very focused…

I started and closed the podcast with two songs from her first album “Electra” : “Poison Berries” and “Kathleen” to give you a better and proper idea of her music.

Dimi; Penelope Inc : Penny, Dimi and Vinz (Dimi Dero Inc and Holy Curse from Paris)

Penny explained how she chose Dimi and Vinz to make that European tour; I will introduce you later in details these both French musicians from Paris in a next podcast when they gave a show in Marseille with their band “Dimi Dero Inc” : they played in too much different line-up in the same time to write it here.

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