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June 9th 2009 AC/DC Live in Marseille a town who shows rock and roll is not dead in France !! Live interview with Angus…no, it’s a joke !

Mercredi, juin 10th, 2009

I had no photo pass, got no interview with Angus Young, sorry but with an invitation in the pocket, dressed in black with my Tatts shirt I was ready to front the big stadium Velodrome in Marseille and welcome these Australian rockers in our town with 50 000 fans !! Who said rock and roll is dead in France !! The biggest moment for me was surely AC/DC’s entrance on stage; watch this video thanks to a fan : Sex and Rock and Roll…train !!

Obviously there was a locomotive on stage, later a giant plastic Whole Lotta Rosie who rided on it, some excited girls in bra in the audience appeared shortly in the giant screens to cheers of the crowd, then Angus made his own striptease showing us at the end just his tagged underpants,


I danced like a crazy when I heard one of my favorite songs “Shot down in flames” but around me the people looked at me like a Martian…most of them only knew the last album…yeah the true fans were in front of the stage but the security guards didn’t allow me to join them. What can I say : I missed Bon Scott all the time but the Young brothers didn’t disappoint me, Angus was the devil incarnated all the time, even after a 15 mn solo in the middle of the stadium he kept giving and spreading his incredible energy in the show and in the music until the extreme limit.


Brian Johnson made his best though : “It’s rock and roll Marseille” and the public wearing thousands brighting red hornes on the head shouted : “Yeah” !! The band answered with an explosive cocktail : TNT, Highway to Hell, For those about to rock…we salute you !! and Firework !


A great rock and roll show in the tradition : it was the first time I saw AC/DC, I was happy to be there that night. Thanks to my sponsor and to my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveInMarseille for the nice pics !!
Still a little video for the end ? Angus’ strip tease ?…:) Ok, here you go :

By the way if you want to hear a very special and seducing version from Highway to Hell, listen to the one from Ed Kuepper !! For info, Ed is playing guitar with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and touring Europe in a couple of days from June 12th to July 19th ! Try to cross their road if you can !

#95 The New Christs in European tour 2009 : Live interview in Marseille with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) and Live music !!

Vendredi, mai 22nd, 2009
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A Live Interview with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) playing in Marseille with The New Christs : what a pleasure for me and I hope for you ! Rob allowed me to record the show and I illustrated the interview with some Live songs’ excerpts among the excited dancing crowd !
We spoke with Rob Younger about their current European tour, their ex-label Citadel where Rob was the producer, Radio Birman, the New Christs’ current line-up, the song writing process, the Saints’s last show at ATP, the girls in Marseille…:)

Rob Younger and Jim Dickson (both in Radio Birman before); Rob Younger; Jim and Brent; Dave and Rob

The New Christs’ line up 2006-2009 is Rob Younger (vocals), Jim Dickson (bass), Brent Williams (guitar), Dave Kettley (lead guitar) and Stuart Wilson (drums).

The French band Holy Curse opened the show for the New Christs that night in Marseille : a big thanks to Paulo the guitarist who organized the whole thing (the first time in Marseille for the New Christs) and to Vinz the bass guitarist (with Dimi Dero Inc too) who made the meeting and interview with Rob possible in a very relaxed and friendly ambiance !

Rob and Jim; Rob fronting a very attentive audience during the quiet parts of the show (last pic from my friend Pirlouiiiit photographer at LiveInMarseille review in French here; I’m somewhere in front of the stage !)

The New Christs are touring Europe right now with a new album “Gloria” : check their site and don’t miss them !!!

BTW : A little back in the history to 77 : Live at Paddington Town Hall where The Saints gave such a good show too, in the same year Rob Younger with…Radio Birman !!!

Molly Malone Live show by Irishmen in Marseille for Meltingpod blog 4th anniversary !!

Dimanche, mars 1st, 2009

A little video I filmed during a funny party in Marseille and I chose to publish today to wish my blog Meltingpod a nice 4th anniversary : All their secret rituals will be revealed to you by the Irishmen themselves…at least !!

There even is a special mention to Chris Bailey from the Saints (the first Irishman I met in my life !!), if you’re attentive…:)
This “intercultural” party closed in fact an European one week long exchange between young people coming from Ireland, Spain, Italy and France organized by Eurocircle Marseille in September 2008.

#89 Dimi Dero Inc : Live interview and music in Marseille - A nice French Australian connection and friendship around the rock world !!

Dimanche, janvier 11th, 2009
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Dimi Dero Inc : A French band who loves Australia as much as me, you could hear it in the live interview I recorded with Dimi Dero (vocals and guitar) and Vinz (bass) after the show-case they did at Lollipop Store in Marseille just before their show at “la machine à coudre” in October 2008. We spoke about their connections with Australia, their friendly and musical complicities with a lot of Australian musicians : Penny Ikinger, Loene Carmen, Delphine and Warren Ellis, Mick Harvey, Rob Younger from Radio Birman and the New Christs, Steve Lucas and Cathy Green from X, the Drones…

Jean-Luc (guitar), Dimi (vocals and guitar), Pascal (drums)

Experimentation with an electric drill used as a mediator; Vinz at the bass.

Beside their musical project with Dimi Dero Inc or with Penny Ikinger when she is touring Europe, Dimi plays in many bands as a drummer (Tex Napalm, Mark Steiner, Youpi Youpi Yeah…) and Vinz with Holy Curse.
Their next album will be produced by Rob Younger but Dimi has his own label too Stagger Records created at the origin to release a tribute album to Rowland S. Howard (Birthday Party) and for other bands in a next future.

To illustrate the interview I played some excerpts from Dimi Dero’s solo album “Good Morning Monsieur Edvard” and from Dimi Dero Inc’s both first albums “Greetings from Trauma” and “Sisyphus, window cleaning” + some live recordings at la machine à coudre for the ambience !! Enjoy !!

the show-case at Lollipop Store; at the end of the show, Dimi wanted to play drums !!

#88 Penny Ikinger (Melbourne Australia) : Live interview in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with Penelope Inc (Penny + Dimi and Vinz from the French band Dimi Dero Inc) !!

Vendredi, novembre 21st, 2008
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Penny Ikinger from Melbourne Australia played in Marseille during her European tour 2008 with a special line-up called Penelope Inc including Dimi Dero on the drums and Vinz at the bass guitar, both played together in the band “Dimi Dero Inc“. It was a great musical and human pleasure to meet them three together : a true Australian-French Meltingpod as I love !!

Penny Ikinger playing at Marselle at la machine a coudre !!

Penny gave me a very spontaneous Live interview after the show and I illustrated our talk with some rough excerpts of the Live show at la machine a coudre : the best underground punk rock place in Marseille !! Thanks to the Relax and co’s team who organized that show !

Penny and Dimi Dero on the drums; Dimi very focused…

I started and closed the podcast with two songs from her first album “Electra” : “Poison Berries” and “Kathleen” to give you a better and proper idea of her music.

Dimi; Penelope Inc : Penny, Dimi and Vinz (Dimi Dero Inc and Holy Curse from Paris)

Penny explained how she chose Dimi and Vinz to make that European tour; I will introduce you later in details these both French musicians from Paris in a next podcast when they gave a show in Marseille with their band “Dimi Dero Inc” : they played in too much different line-up in the same time to write it here.

#67 Marseille punks and rolls with The Neurotic Swingers - Live Show Part 2

Samedi, juin 9th, 2007

The Neurotic Swingers Live at Marseille- Part 2 : a free concert I recorded just one day before Christmas 2006 at ” Le Poste à Galène. Enjoy !

To listen to the podcast with The Neurotic Swingers Part 2 (mp3 : 20 mn)
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The Neurotic Swingers on stage, musicians and music lovers in the audience : a melting of high energies !

#66 French punk rock Live at Marseille with the Neurotic Swingers - Part 1

Vendredi, juin 8th, 2007

To listen to the podcast with The Neurotic Swingers (mp3 : 25 mn)
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The Neurotic Swingers on stage and the public, young and energetic !

The Neurotic Swingers Live at Marseille…Meltingpod loves the Australian rockers but the French punk rock bands too. I needed to show you how it rocks here and this (free) concert I recorded just one day before Christmas 2006 at ” Le Poste à Galène will be, I’m sure, a good moment for you ! The ambience was crazy, the people started to dance a pogo without music…I never live that before !! So I propose to you a podcast in two parts with only music (not talk, no interview) one hour long nonstop as you were with us at Marseille by night !! Have fun !

#63 Meltingpod emigrated to Brazil !!

Dimanche, avril 1st, 2007

To listen to this wonderful podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 40 minutes)
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      Our meeting at Cassis with Bïa, Bïa singing (pic from her website)

No rock and roll today but you will not regret it I’m sure…
a sensual, delicate voice will take you far away near the Mediterranean in a amazing creek…Ok, the podcast is audio only but imagine :
Bïa, a beautiful Brazilian woman who sings just for you, the waves beat the rocks, the wind slowly blows (in my mic too sorry !!)…I hope after my last podcasts with the Australian hard rock stars you would appreciate her cool and quiet music too : a big challenge I know !! But, come on !!
Between the songs we spoke about her music, lyrics, being a citizen of the world and in the same time you could hear what you maybe never heard about Brazil : why some Brazilian women feel the necessity to learn how to dance with a teacher, how a lot of families emigrated under the military dictatorship who oppressed the country in the 70’s.
In the case, you couldn’t live without her after listening, you could find her albums on her nice website !

#62 Meltingpod podcasts second anniversary !!

Vendredi, mars 9th, 2007

To listen to this fantastic podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 25 minutes)
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Dave Evans, Aggravation (Marseille) and ISP (Valence); pics from their sites

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s former lead singer) sings for Meltingpod podcast second anniversary and I offer to you for that special event (and international day for the women !!) a flash back to the Saints Live in 2005 and a podcast recorded live a few weeks ago with a bunch of local punk rock bands (Les Sweet Children, I.S.P., Aggravation) who gave (with Menpenti and the Hatepinks soon here again) a concert to support our famous club “La Machine à Coudre” (the sewing machine) at Marseille ! Enjoy the ambience, like usual wet (imagine !) crazy and loud !
At the end a special dedication from Bertrand Lenotre one of the first French podcasters with me at the beginning of the year 2005 : we just were 5 or 6 at that period in France and I was the first female podcaster, YEAH !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Cool to be in The Angels’ new website’s homepage with such nice words !

Nice to be in the same time in No Exit, Doc Neeson’s friends’ new website ! thanks to you both ! The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s website is giving the first live pics (N. Bailey) on line ! Two at random : Dave and Buzz !
It miss the sooouuunnnnddd !!!…:)
Update March 12th :

Thanks to for this review in their cool French webmagazine !!
Update March 25th :
a new (low-fi quality!!) video but with the Angels on stage !!

#57 The Angels from Australia at least playing the song Marseille at Marseille : first step ?

Lundi, janvier 15th, 2007

PODCAST N°100 if I add the 43 shows edited on Meltingtalks !
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Venus Fly Trap one girl band and below on stage, Darrel visiting Marseille’s harbour, Fredovitch one man band on stage, Darrel at work in Marseille !

Nice surprise to start the new year : The Angelsband from Australia sent their tour manager Darrel Baird (who was for a few days in the UK) to Marseille to visit me !! I organized for him a meeting with the city hall of Marseille and we contacted some show promoters together to see how it could be possible to bring back concretely the Angels to Europe after 25 years break and for singing at least the song Marseille at Marseille (I played it at the end of this show and I started with Take a long line).
I recorded an interview with Darrel from the first moments of his arrival and during the last night we spent at a punk rock concert at “la machine à coudre” (the Sewing machine). Opening that night organized by Relax and Co : The Venus Fly Trap one girl band from Lyon (center-East of France), then Fredovitch one man band from Bordeaux (South-West of France). In such a wild, crazy and noisy ambience Darrel told me many times how he found that Marseille ROCKS !! And now, How ya goin mate ?

Meltingpod Connections Update 01/18 :
A pic from Venus Fly Trap for my friend Dave !!! click on the others pics to watch Pirlouiiiit-LiveInMarseille’ s short videos !! I love them both a lot !

Update 01/20
Venus Fly Trap chose Meltingpod’s pics for her profile on her MYSPACE website and plays my podcast N°1 on her playlist : yeah ! I appreciate !
It gave me the idea to add songs on my MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD : check it !

WARNING : Next collaboration with Pirlouiiiit - LiveInMarseille : I will do the podcast (downloading soon here) for his live photos exhibition at Lollipop Music Store starting February 7th 6:30 pm in Marseille; you could watch 50 of his pics from the musicians who played in Marseille during the whole year 2006 and listen to their music, walking in the gallery with your mp3 player in the pocket and the headphones on the head !! Cool project, no ?

Update 01/24
A great interview on my other podcast MELTINGTALKS (in French) with gay people at the New Cancan, THE gay club in Marseille : funny and serious subjects in an very sexy ambience…standing behind bars with nice boys !!

#55 Winston McAnuff the meltingman with Java LIVE in Marseille !

Mercredi, novembre 29th, 2006

Winston McAnuff invited me to his last concert in Marseille at “le Moulin“, promoting a new album Paris Rockin’ with JAVA, a band from Paris.
In this podcast I propose to you an extract of the interview I did with him last July at the Eurockeennes festival the first time we met at breakfast in an hotel at Belfort, an interview I did just before the show backstage in Marseille, an interview after the show and a lot of nice songs recorded live that hot night with a frenzied crowd; the last song “Wandering drummer messenger” is a studio version from Paris Rockin’ : thanks to Makasound!

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
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the other side of the picture : Winston ironing his clothes in the tour-bus before the show as a sign of respect for his audience, Annie recording the concert in front of the stage (pic from Pirlouiiiit) and shooting Pirlouiiiit who was shooting Winston !! No break !

Meltingpod Connections : MELTINGTALKS my other podcast with interviews about society and politics, women, music…was ONE YEAR OLD December 1st ! a interesting podcast in a gay club from Marseille to launch the second year…:) and Happy Birthday to everybody being Sagittarius !

20/11/06 Winston McAnuff : a Jamaïcan who rocks Paris and Marseille !

Lundi, novembre 20th, 2006

Winston McAnuff : A Jamaïcan musician who didn’t stop to the reggae limits but constantly explores the music under all aspects : jazz, rock, hip hop, transe…and he cooks a very good mixture for us, like the precious magical drink he shared with me in his cosy tour-bus last Saturday night before jumping on stage : NONI + honey and you will stay healthy ! Actually I met “by coïncidence” this strange man at breakfast time in Belfort last July during the rock festival the Eurockéennes; we slept in the same hotel and I improvised a short interview with him without knowing which kind of music he played the night before (I missed his show).
Four months later (Nov 18th) he called me on the phone to invite me to his concert in Marseille at “le Moulin”, promoting a new album with JAVA, a band from Paris : Paris Rockin’ ! I had the feeling to meet a very old friend ! Here are some pictures, the podcast is coming soon with interview and live recording on stage and backstages : Special thanks to le Moulin crew, Winston’s manager (2temps3mouvements) and label (Makasound) who gave me the possibilities with kindness (and a pass all access) to work as I wanted…!! Obviously thanks to Winston to be the man he is !!

Pepouse (Java) at the bass; Winston alone, at the acoustic guitar with Fixi (Java) at the accordion, in front of the hot audience from Marseille !

Meltingpod Connection :
Winston just sent me this video from Marseille (clic on the pics) with my favorite song “Wretched State”; in front of the stage my friend Pirlouiiiit from LiveinMarseille (right side) and me (left side) shooting the show !