#66 French punk rock Live at Marseille with the Neurotic Swingers - Part 1

To listen to the podcast with The Neurotic Swingers (mp3 : 25 mn)
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The Neurotic Swingers on stage and the public, young and energetic !

The Neurotic Swingers Live at Marseille…Meltingpod loves the Australian rockers but the French punk rock bands too. I needed to show you how it rocks here and this (free) concert I recorded just one day before Christmas 2006 at ” Le Poste à Galène will be, I’m sure, a good moment for you ! The ambience was crazy, the people started to dance a pogo without music…I never live that before !! So I propose to you a podcast in two parts with only music (not talk, no interview) one hour long nonstop as you were with us at Marseille by night !! Have fun !

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