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#73 GANGgajang singing for Meltingpod before jumping on stage at Perth Western Australia !!

Mercredi, décembre 12th, 2007
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GANGgajang introducing their production to the world !

GANGgajang is an Australian band formed in 1984 which is in fact for me Buzz Bidstrup’s family and friends. This GANG is a collective of creative individualities who are all active in different areas the whole year and who join each other sometimes for a tour or some shows : it’s maybe the secret of their long friendship and the fact the band still is alive and happy together right now !
I recorded that “interview” last February 2007 on Buzz’s mobile so the sound quality is not perfect but I hope you will have fun to listen to it. They were heading a show at Perth Western Australia and they spoke to me just before jumping on stage so they are all very excited !!
Special guests : I opened the show with Buzz’son DJ Climax ended with Buzz’s wife Kay who sang in the band with her sister Marylin in the earlier days and I play a song from my friend Ed Kuepper “the way I made you feel” to thank MELTINGWORLDS’s first happy donators who are all Ed’s and Saints’ fans and I hope surely now will become GANGgajang’s fans too !
At the end an extract of the Pig City Concert at Brisbane July 14th with the Riptides a band formed with a lot of GANGgajang’s members.

GANGgajang serious on the beach… cold in Australia ?…:) Left to right : Robert James, Geoff Stapleton, Buzz Bidstrup, Mark Callaghan, Chris Bailey.

After this first connection, I thought to record a lot of individuals interviews later but Buzz as you know is the Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s artistic director and after their successfull performance in February 2007, the CD’s launch last October, he is organizing right now the new show February 24th 2008 to erect the statue for Bon Scott with the collected money. If I add for the new listeners Buzz is also the co-director of the Jimmy Little Foundation who worked to give an healthier future for the Indignous Australians and was the whole year the Angels‘ and Party Boys’ drummer…you know what I mean… there never was enough free time for him to do something more with me than this podcast. Maybe later…who knows ?
Anyway I recommand to you to try to order their DVD about more than 20 years with videos, interviews, their very successfull tour to Brazil…it’s a true pleasure to watch them making music in this ambience of family.

#71 The Saints at Pig City Queensland Music Festival on stage with the original line up again for Bastille Day 2007 with Ed Kuepper’s interview and live show’s extracts

Mardi, juillet 24th, 2007
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Chris Bailey and Caspar Wijnberg, Ivor Hay and the horn section, The original Saints with Caspar, Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey…the both school friends together on stage again (pic Judi Dransfield Kuepper).

The Original Saints played their unique reunion show at the Pig City Queensland Music festival for Bastille Day after a 30 years separation and Meltingpod emotionally was with them in Australia !!
The Saints founders Chris Bailey (vocals), Ed Kuepper (guitar) and Ivor Hay (drums) added to their original line-up Caspar Wijnberg The current Saints‘ bass guitarist and a three piece horn section to give a concert like everybody would have dreamed it after their third and ultime last album Prehistoric Sound in 78…
I was in contact with Ed Kuepper for two months and I lived virtually the preparation of the show; he knew as I was disappointed not to be there like a lot of fans too so he sent me two files recorded during the live show with the agreement to play some short extracts : a DVD could be released around the end of the year and he made me the pleasure to give me a spontaneous interview a few days after the show !!
I hope you will appreciate this delicate atention.

Meltingpod Connections (Update August 2 sd)
More infos in French on about this podcast with Ed Kuepper and the Saints and a cool review on Sincever a French music webmagazine : Thanks a lot for your support Ben !

#65 AC/DC’s former lead singer Dave Evans : a badasse rock interview !!

Mercredi, mai 9th, 2007

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Dave Evans with AC/DC on stage (pic Philip Morris) and travelling in the truck in 1974 (Peter Clack, Dave Evans, Malcolm Young, Angus Young & Rob Bailey); Dave on stage with the Badasses in 2007 (pics Dave’ website)

AC/DC’s former lead singer Dave Evans accepted after our short conversation during the Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Fremantle in Australia, a longer phone interview to share with us some personal stories about the greatest hard rock and roll band in the world aka AC/DC at his debut, his wild and hedonistic memories with Rabbit and his current projects with the Badasses : Enjoy some extracts from AC/DC’s very first single and Dave Evans’ last album Sinner; don’t forget to play the podcast…LOUD !

#62 Meltingpod podcasts second anniversary !!

Vendredi, mars 9th, 2007

To listen to this fantastic podcast on the audio file (mp3 : 25 minutes)
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Dave Evans, Aggravation (Marseille) and ISP (Valence); pics from their sites

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s former lead singer) sings for Meltingpod podcast second anniversary and I offer to you for that special event (and international day for the women !!) a flash back to the Saints Live in 2005 and a podcast recorded live a few weeks ago with a bunch of local punk rock bands (Les Sweet Children, I.S.P., Aggravation) who gave (with Menpenti and the Hatepinks soon here again) a concert to support our famous club “La Machine à Coudre” (the sewing machine) at Marseille ! Enjoy the ambience, like usual wet (imagine !) crazy and loud !
At the end a special dedication from Bertrand Lenotre one of the first French podcasters with me at the beginning of the year 2005 : we just were 5 or 6 at that period in France and I was the first female podcaster, YEAH !!

Meltingpod Connections :
Cool to be in The Angels’ new website’s homepage with such nice words !

Nice to be in the same time in No Exit, Doc Neeson’s friends’ new website ! thanks to you both ! The Bon Scott Celebration Concert’s website is giving the first live pics (N. Bailey) on line ! Two at random : Dave and Buzz !
It miss the sooouuunnnnddd !!!…:)
Update March 12th :

Thanks to for this review in their cool French webmagazine !!
Update March 25th :
a new (low-fi quality!!) video but with the Angels on stage !!

#61 Bon Scott Celebration Concert backstages with the Party Boys (AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo…) and more !

Jeudi, mars 1st, 2007

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70’s pics : Mark Evans and Dave Evans (AC/DC era), Kevin Borich

Today is Meltingpod blog second anniversary and I invite you backstages at the Bon Scott Celebration Concert where musicians and fans met at Fremantle-Western Australia to celebrate three days long Bon Scott’s life and music. Buzz Bidstrup, the event’s organizer and The Angels ‘drummer, plays also in a band called the Party Boys.
I called Buzz the Saturday night just before the Party Boys’rehearsal and he introduced me to his friends around : Mark Evans (AC/DC’s bassist - Bon Scott’s era), Alan Lancaster (Status Quo’s former bassist) Dave Evans (AC/DC’s original singer) Kevin Borich and Mick Cocks (Rose Tattoo’s former guitarist)…a funny phone conversation ! The Sunday during the concert I called Clair singer in a girl band, the Sure-Fire Midnights (one the four young rock bands invited to share the stage), very excited just after their performance in the afternoon. Later in the night after 7 hours music with ten bands playing in front of over 10 000 people, I called Darrel, the Angels’ tour manager and we shared the last seconds of the music on stage…the Scottish bagpipes !!

Meltingpod Connections
Update March 3rd :
The concert area (SFM ph);the crowd in front of the stage (K.Borich ph)
Update March 5th :

Dave Evans (AC/DC’s original singer) gave me a great place in his myspace website and the connection is made with Scotland through Glenn Robertson’s website CRABSODYINBLUE dedicated to Bon Scott and AC/DC ! The Sure-Fire Midnights gave the podcast’s link in their myspace blog too.Thanks to you all !
Update March 7th :
It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll: Thanks to Glenn for the link to this (bad but hey !) video recorded at the end of the concert !

#60 Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Perth : interview with Buzz Bidstrup (short version)

Lundi, février 19th, 2007

To listen to the interview with Buzz Bidstrup (short version : 20 minutes)
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      Caress my chest ! (ph : ?)…singing and smiling ! (pic from video)

Today is AC/DC’s singer Bon Scott’s death anniversary and I propose to you my last interview with Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels‘ drummer) in a shorter and lighter version (20 mn instead 35 mn for those of you who have never enough time to listen to my long podcasts !); Buzz is organizing this week at Fremante near Perth-Western Australia where Bon Scott is buried a big event with concerts (from 23th to 25th) to raise money and erect a statue for Bon. AC/DC’s ex-members, famous Australian rock bands, young bands, friends and fans are expected to celebrate Bon’s music and life.
Buzz speaks about that event’s organization and shares some memories about his personal relation with Bon.
BTW : I prefer personally the long version…but you have the choice now !

Meltingpod Connections : Update February 21th
Yeah ! Meltingpod has a good place today in the Word Podcast Forum’s homepage as “Featured Podcast” !! Thanks to the team !
Update February 26th : Meltingpod in home page this week on PODEMUS a French podcasts website : thanks to promote a French podcaster who speaks in English !!…:)

#59 The Bon Scott Celebration Concert at Perth managed by Buzz Bidstrup, the Angels’ drummer ! (podcast long version)

Lundi, février 12th, 2007

To listen to the interview with Buzz Bidstrup (long version : 35 mn)
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Bon Scott joking, smiling, having fun with the music (pics from videos)

AC/DC’s singer Bon Scott and Buzz Bidtrup The Angels ‘drummer met each other many times between 1971 and 1979 at Adelaïde, London, Sydney.
Their both bands were signed by Albert Productions and they used to share the same recording studio for many years. During an interview for Meltingpod, Buzz told us his memories from AC/DC and Bon, a musician he “adores”. Six months ago people from Fremantle, a town near Perth Western Australia, where Bon Scott spent a big part of his youth from 9 until 21, where a part of his family is still living and where he is buried now after a tragic death in 1980 February 19 th at London, asked Buzz to help them to honour Bon Scott, raising the money to erect the first statue ever built for a rocker in Australia.
Buzz is organizing for that goal, February 25th, The Bon Scott Celebration Concert with a lot of famous rock bands who are coming from all around Australia like Rose Tattoo, the Angels, the Party Boys including AC/DC’s ex-members : the singer Dave Evans and the bassist Mark Evans, a girls band : The Sure-Fire Midnights, a kids band : the Flairz, old friends or young bands inspiring by Bon and AC/DC…Buzz gives us all details of that event which is planned in fact during three days from the 23th to the 25th.
BTW : The extra money will be given to a foundation to help young rock bands with health or financial issues.
The musical extracts to illustrate Buzz’s talk about Bon and AC/DC come from some Live videos I found on Youtube under the tags : Bon Scott + the title of the songs (Walk all over you, Riff Raff, TNT, Whole Lotta Rosie, Live Wire, Jailbreak, Problem Child) Bon Scott + Fraternity (Seasons of change).

Meltingpod Connections : Update 02/15
If you want to watch how Bon Scott and AC/DC were loved in France, look at this great video sent by some of AC/DC ’s fantastic fans who don’t stop to share every days their passion on Youtube; Bon was not “Shot down in flames” after singing that very funny song live in Paris, it was a French triumph we can already share in his eyes without the sound : Woaow !


There is too a cool interview with Angus Young telling how he started in the band with his brother and how he met Bon Scott the first time; Angus speaks with the hands and the arms like a true Italian…interesting !
More infos with the fans here : in French AC/DC Back in Black with good stories and all the lyrics, in English Bon Scott Club and Crabsody in Blue.
For the fun a special version of “Walk all over you Live in Paris” and then with my friends from American Heartbreak during their last show in Europe 2002 “Sin City Live in Belgium”! One video more ?…I can’t stop, I’m a Bon Scott-AC/DC’s hard fan now…Jailbreak in 74 !!

#57 The Angels from Australia at least playing the song Marseille at Marseille : first step ?

Lundi, janvier 15th, 2007

PODCAST N°100 if I add the 43 shows edited on Meltingtalks !
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Venus Fly Trap one girl band and below on stage, Darrel visiting Marseille’s harbour, Fredovitch one man band on stage, Darrel at work in Marseille !

Nice surprise to start the new year : The Angelsband from Australia sent their tour manager Darrel Baird (who was for a few days in the UK) to Marseille to visit me !! I organized for him a meeting with the city hall of Marseille and we contacted some show promoters together to see how it could be possible to bring back concretely the Angels to Europe after 25 years break and for singing at least the song Marseille at Marseille (I played it at the end of this show and I started with Take a long line).
I recorded an interview with Darrel from the first moments of his arrival and during the last night we spent at a punk rock concert at “la machine à coudre” (the Sewing machine). Opening that night organized by Relax and Co : The Venus Fly Trap one girl band from Lyon (center-East of France), then Fredovitch one man band from Bordeaux (South-West of France). In such a wild, crazy and noisy ambience Darrel told me many times how he found that Marseille ROCKS !! And now, How ya goin mate ?

Meltingpod Connections Update 01/18 :
A pic from Venus Fly Trap for my friend Dave !!! click on the others pics to watch Pirlouiiiit-LiveInMarseille’ s short videos !! I love them both a lot !

Update 01/20
Venus Fly Trap chose Meltingpod’s pics for her profile on her MYSPACE website and plays my podcast N°1 on her playlist : yeah ! I appreciate !
It gave me the idea to add songs on my MYSPACE/MELTINGPOD : check it !

WARNING : Next collaboration with Pirlouiiiit - LiveInMarseille : I will do the podcast (downloading soon here) for his live photos exhibition at Lollipop Music Store starting February 7th 6:30 pm in Marseille; you could watch 50 of his pics from the musicians who played in Marseille during the whole year 2006 and listen to their music, walking in the gallery with your mp3 player in the pocket and the headphones on the head !! Cool project, no ?

Update 01/24
A great interview on my other podcast MELTINGTALKS (in French) with gay people at the New Cancan, THE gay club in Marseille : funny and serious subjects in an very sexy ambience…standing behind bars with nice boys !!

#54 Noisy Music Elegant Talk : what’s better !

Samedi, novembre 4th, 2006

Rock bands from Marseille and some surprises with the Saints and the Angels : a great Meltingpod today…so we start with :
Gasolheads : Bad situation-Lying shooter position (the band is dead but gave the birth to the Hatepinks and Neurotic Swingers).
Neurotic Swingers : Burn to Floor-What’s your definition of underground ?
Les Balayeurs du désert : Hello Ola-Jules Verne Impact (music played during the Royal de Luxe‘ show : La visite du sultan des Indes sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps).
The Saints’ drummer Peter Wilkinson stole my mic and interviewed me !
The Saints : Never Enough-Imperious Delirium (new French tour right now)
Les Balayeurs again with Morale : a great Meltingpod song !
After Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos) and Frank Meyer (the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs), Buzz Bisdtrup (the Angels) answers to the WOMAN SHOW !!! Who will be the next one on the grill : maybe a French podcaster ?
Gasolheads again with Nobody knows…a good song for the end !

Update November 12th : WONDERFUL links to ROYAL DE LUXE LAST SHOW HERE and HERE + many SAINTS LIVE SHOWS from 77 to 2005 : Enjoy Nights in Venice Live At Paddington Townhall in 77 : a GREAT MOMENT…strangely I have the feeling it’s this rough version I loved and played in my podcast with Lars in Nov.05…and the Saints will finish their actual tour in Venice…

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Great and cool drummers : Buzz from the Angels and Peter from The Saints

  Gasolheads and Neurotic Swingers at La machine in Marseille (05/05).

Update November 6th : Speaking about drummers the Rodriguez from Austria on stage at la Machine a coudre last Saturday night : no live podcast I only danced without moderation ! rock is primal and sensual…:)

    The boys sweating on stage and the girls having fun…Relax and Co !

#53 : Rock around the Angels at Perth

Mardi, octobre 17th, 2006

I invite you today at Perth Western Australia with Steve Tallis, John McNair and David Minder, three musicians who found my little space page among millions others by magic or coincidence…very quickly the connection was very strong and I wanted to share with you their music around an interview I did with Buzz Bidstrup from the Angels in March 2006 (at the same period than with Rick Brewster ; sorry for the delay but I have hours and hours of recording on the table not still edited; a real pain); this time we spoke about Buzz’ involvement in Jimmy Little Foundation to reduce the aborigines’ health issues in Australia which stay unfortunately still topical and about his debut as drummer in a band at 14.
Next step : Uluru 2007 ! Maybe the first challenge for Meltingworlds ?

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   Jimmy Little and Buzz Bidstrup (Buzz’s pic from Grant in Oct 06)

a cool image sent by my Angels French Connection : thanks to Christophe !

Meltingpod Connection : If you want to know more about me I propose to you to go to Michel Lecour’s blog and listen to the live interview he did with me last week. We spoke one hour long about podcasting, Meltingpod, Meltingtalks and Meltingworlds.

#52 : “Gainsville”a rock album tattooed under the skin ! (Frank Meyer interview part 2)

Jeudi, septembre 21st, 2006

Frank Meyer tells us the story of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last studio album “Gainsville” : in three acts, song after song, step by step, we follow the album’s birth sticked to the fall of one of their musician… in the madness…a heavy story but a great album like always, maybe the best one ! After the album’s release the band broke up…for a few years. I let Frank free to speak as he wanted almost without asking questions : I hope you will appreciate his sincerity in this long and friendly conversation between Los Angeles and Marseille about the Cheetahs and the strange way of our lives.

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
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Frank on stage with the Cheetahs

Meltingpod Connections :
Thanks to my friend Pascal who turned me on Youtube tonight to watch the Saints : a video came under my eyes like a publicity…a strange coincidence : a fantastic (podcast) interview with Doc Neeson from the Angels in 1980 ! a few minutes later I found myself this ONE in 1976 and this ONE in 1978 !

#51 : I want you !! (Frank Meyer interview part 1)

Lundi, août 28th, 2006

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Frank on stage with the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in 2005 (ph : Todd Westover at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood) and in June 2006 at Las Vegas.

Frank Meyer, singer, guitarist and leader from two rock bands : the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (I saw in Marseille in 2002) and Sweet Justice based in Los Angeles is also music producer with Messiaz, rock journalist, co-writer of “On the road with The Ramones“, film-maker, Video Game Theater’s creator, one of the coolest rocker of this planet and… my guest today !!! During his work at the TV channel G4 he did a lot of very funny interviews with porn Stars promoting the Man Show which inspired my own show : at least I can ask him personally THE Question !!! Enjoy this first episode : THE WOMAN SHOW N°1 ! (the N°0 as test was recorded with Billy Hopeless last January).
I play two songs of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs‘ last album Gainsville : “When God and the Devil agree” and “December in a day”. At the end of the show I play a Troggs’s cover song recorded in one shot by the Cheetahs in 1995 featuring Wayne Kramer (a great performance !!) : “I want you !!”
In the part 2 you will have the whole Gainsville album ’s lyrics’ story, song after song… a hard and nice human story in the band during their US tour.
For the new listeners you can listen to the first poscast with Frank in October 2005 “Right to rock” and watch his great video on my first Meltingvideopod.