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27/05/06 Meltingpunkspirits !

Samedi, mai 27th, 2006

The Gossip from the USA, Nonstop aka Fredo Roman from France, the Saints from everywhere…Meltingpunkspirits are on Meltingpod today : enjoy their music without moderation. The first both bands are playing in the festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort- June 30th, don’t miss them ! their interviews will be soon edited on the Eurockeeennes podcast and on Meltingtalks : stay connected, they are really interesting people to meet !

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The Gossip, Nonstop (pic Vinciane) and the Eurocks (pics from their sites)

Meltingpod Connections : thanks to Loïc Le Meur for his review !

19/04/06 Three men with Wild at Heart

Mercredi, avril 19th, 2006

Michael Butler and his band from San Francisco American Heartbreak (the new album is realeased !!), Adam Becvare from Chicago and the LustKillers (a new song not still released and an interview in tour after The Black Halos‘ concert in Nice), Manny Montana from Belgium with the Ones (an old song) who is with TeenageHeadMusic a passionated European tour manager for rockers ONLY !!! : I met Mike and Adam in spring 2001 in Marseille and a few months later the three together with Manny at Wild at Heart-Berlin : I’m happy to have those guys as friends and introduce to you now their new and old songs. Without forgetting to mention Mike with his podcast “the Rock and Roll Geek Show” is the male companion of Meltingpod !!!

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Adam with the Lords of the New Church, Mike with American Heartbreak and Manny with the Ones (pics I took in Marseille; click to enlarge).
Mike and Manny in tour, Billy and Adam (pic S.Smith), Adam and me in Nice

Meltingpod Connections :
Sandra Smith was the photographer who took our pic with Billy in Nice ! She found me through myspace : funny coincidence, she was at the Lords of the New Church’s show in Marseille in 2003 and Adam posted her pics beside mine on his site. BTW : If you want to check how was the Black Halos’ success among the hottest girls from Europe, have a look on Billy’s myspace site : in fact the situation was not as hopeless as he said !

12/04/06 The Black Halos (part 2) live in France !

Mercredi, avril 12th, 2006

The Black Halos, a band from Vancouver-Canada (every Meltingpod faithful listeners know for months !!) was playing for the first time in France last Sunday in Nice at the Volume (well managed by la Source 001 : concerts every days !!) : I recorded a part of the show and I did at least a live interview with Billy Hopeless the singer, I only knew through phone conversations and e-mails until now; we talked this time about the lyrics’ stories which often are a good way to better know a musician ! it was a lot of fun to see them on stage with my “old” friend Adam Becvare their guitarist now. I did an interview with Adam too but I will give it in another show. Most of the songs you will hear come from their last album “Alive without control”. Run and check their European tour dates on : THAT’S GOOD PUNK ROCK !

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      Billy and Adam, Denyss and Jay on the left side, then Billy doing
      every second a different show and a strip (he did it!), Billy and me !

Meltingpod Connections :
I’m at least accepted in the very closed Teenageheadmusic’s friends club with my new logo…:) what do you think about it ? Hey, I found today thanks to Technorati and Indymedia that Meltingpod was linked by “Oh, my Pod !” and a French Anarchist site “En dehors” : they seem to have appreciated my April 1st Podcast with the revolutionary songs!

6/04/06 Black halos around the angels

Jeudi, avril 6th, 2006

The Black Halos are touring Europe right now, dont’ miss them ! I spoke with Billy Hopeless the singer at his arrival one month ago to Manny’s house and I plan to see them live next Sunday in Nice, the only date in South of France !! I give you an extract of our conversation (the rest could fall under iTunes’censorship…:) but you can already see some pictures of their show taken by my friend Lars in Sweden.
I played Three sheets to the wind, Third world USA and Studio suffering from their last album “Alive without control”.
Update about Buzz Bidstrup (The Angelsband)’s true interview (I cut some details to make a joke for April 1st)…for” the woman show”!!

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Billy, Billy and Adam Becvare, Buzz (pics from the bands’ websites)

Meltingpod Connections :
Update 8/04 : hey, “My French deputy” Frederic Dutoit loves the Rolling Stones and wrote on his blog he is ready to help me doing an interview with Mick Jagger for Meltingpod ! I told you the National Assembly rocks ! In le Havre, the politicians prefer the Beatles !
Update 7/04 : A lot of funny and serious photos about the demonstration anti-CPE in Marseille April 4th on MELTINGTALKS

8/03/06 Meltingpod podcast already one year !!

Mercredi, mars 8th, 2006

My podcast first anniversary, I never thought in March 8th 2005 I would record more than one podcast; I tried one and the the addiction came ! Today is the number 40 !! with a lot of friends and listeners who never stopped to give me their support one year long : Thank you, really…some of you are fantastic, a comment posted after each show…so nice !
In this show you will listen to the Black Halos (Broken), the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs (Satisfy, Motor City Rock and Roll and Shauna) and the Angels (”Be with you” and “Marseilles” live in the car as dedication for the Anniversary !!!), my very first song played on the podcast N°1 : Bebe Clandestine ( E stupido), nice audio comments sent for the anniversary by friends and podcasters : Michael Butler and the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Bertrand Lenotre with le podcasteur, Luc Saint-Elie in video, Saskia with Saskianation, Pierre Journel with le podcast de la Cabane au Canada and a lot of ID recorded for a year with musicians and people from around the world…enjoy the sound, the music, the different languages and Meltingpod with Annie from Marseille !

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Doc Neeson from the Angels singing Marseille in “costume” at Narara (Australia) in 83, my friend Michael Butler recording a podcast for his Rock and roll geek show from San Francisco (webcam’s pic), my friend Luc St Elie in video (click to watch on the pic) telling his hard experience helping me from Paris to build Meltingpod’s website one year ago and Doc again (pics from Angels’DVD) !

Meltingpod Connections :
What would I do without Cyrille of Inter-Flou ? he wrote to the world for days Meltingpod is in NETIZEN N°2 (THE monthly French blogs magazine) and I only bought it today : hey ! half a page N°57, nice, thanks Netizen !!
Today March 9 th I was invited to talk about DADVSI on Radio Grenouille, the best radio in Marseille : the entire show “Cocotte musique” 1h30 long will be broadcasted Sunday March 12th at 11:30 AM (88.8 FM).
The true website who talks about DADVSI :
A new show on MELTINGTALKS about Eurocircle’s projects and networks.

15/02/06 Wild girls, sexy rockers and crazy pussy

Mercredi, février 15th, 2006

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Wild, wild and crazy were the girls last night in Marseille for Valentine’s Day…the sexy punk rockers from Los Angeles, the Lords of Altamont were pleasantly surprised I guess with the girls from Marseille : one sent them empty glass, beer’s jet in the face and provocative calls to fuck her pussy, another one jumped on stage to lick the singer’s legs until to put her tongue in his mouth…but frustration for everybody : the poor guys had to drive directly after the show to Rome-Italy, hard reality of the rock and roll life in tour !! The Mystik Motorcycles opened the show with their new songs and I did a funny interview with them after their soundcheck (I will post it soon). In this hot ambience I stayed connected with my work for Meltingpod : taking pictures, recording the music live (thanks to the bands), avoiding to be crushed against the stage !

Both first pics with the Mystik Motorcycles, then the Lords of Altamont excited by the girls…Last both pics Flo The Groupie with a sexy boy and Fred from Marseille in the toilets showing me his N.D de la Garde !

9/01/06 Hopeless in the Woman Show !

Lundi, janvier 9th, 2006

The Black Halos, a rock band from Vancouver (Canada), alive after the US hurricane and a year tour : stay wild ! Billy Hopeless, the B.H.’s singer tests the WOMAN SHOW N°0 with a 40 minutes long interview and punk rock music from their last album “Alive without control” : Last call at the toothless saloon, Broken, Burning trash and Studio suffering. Don’t forget to watch their great video where the band is playing in a peep show for the girls’eyes’pleasure. The Black Halos are touring Europe in March/April 2006 : check the dates in your town at Teenage-head music’s website.

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Billy singing in the peep show and on stage (pics from the B.H.’s website; right below : Thomaxe !)

01/01/06 2006 will be hot or will be not !

Dimanche, janvier 1st, 2006

Meilleurs voeux pour 2000sex, Happy New Year, Frohes Neues Jahr with :
Naked - Lola Spinner (Paris)
It’s mine - Bebe Clandestine (Marseille)
Debauchery + I want you (The Troggs) - Street Walkin’ Cheetahs (L.A)
20 francs le Cunnilingus - David Lafore 5 Tetes (Marseille)
Porno Movie + Nothing is straight in my house - the Saints (Amsterdam)
Funny conversations recorded in 2005 : With Chris (the Saints) in Marseille, then from Australia with Buzz (the Angels) about Chris, at least with Shane Chisholm (Meltingpod listener) about… Chris, Buzz and Oscar Wilde !!
Be Hot or Not ! Thanks to the Pixies for the lovely noises at the end !

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sent by : Blinc-headquarters in Gottingen-Germany, Didier
from Montreal, me in the Alpes-France, Markus from Berlin.

Meltingpod Connections :
Sean Randolph, a Meltingpod listener and DJ’s for one of the oldest US college radio stations (first air in 1937) WMUC 88.1 FM based about 10 miles outside of Washington DC, will air the bulk of my Dec 15th podcast “French punk rock for Christmas” this tuesday night (January 3rd) between 9 PM & midnight. WMUC is online at
Meltingpod : Meilleur podcast de l’année 2005 ! Best podcast of the year !!! Where ? Here : “Annie Viglielmo nous a fait voyager en six mois tout autour de la scène rock mondiale ! Beaucoup de travail pour cette passionnée, une présentation très pro et un son parfait, l’esprit Web de ceux qui savent donner…” Nice ! one more time in English : Annie Viglielmo took us on a 6 months voyage (10 exactly !!) around the world rock scene ! A lot of work for this woman with a passion for music. A professional show and a perfect sound, the web spirit from those who know how to give”.
Thanks to Dave Hawkes for this link to Mark Lanegan : have a look on the video “Sideways in reverse”: such a Saints’ ambience…arrgh !

3/11/05 1, 2, 3…Meltingvideopod N°1 !!

Jeudi, novembre 3rd, 2005

1,2,3…ROCK AND ROLL !!! I’m glad to offer you my first videopodcast, entirely devoted to promote the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs from L.A…Yeah !
I don’t have a digital camcorder yet and I will use this new media in the next future ONLY to complete sometimes my podcasts and blog with Pictures&Action and spread the music I love like always.
I watched this SWC video many many times; Scott Patterson and his crew filmed this concert in Boston in 2001 with talent and a lot of love for the subject : it’s a real good job ! I hope you will like it too. This video is available on the SWC album : Guitars, Guns and Gold released by Triple X Records (video added to the cd by Wrong Beach Multimedia). If you’re lucky you can even buy the last copy…in Marseille…at Lollipop Records !!


     Click on the link to download the file Click here for the video and wait a few seconds

Meltingpod connections :
The best Rawk’n'roll French fanzine opens this month the News page with Meltingpod : thanks Dig It !!
Have a look on my other website : there is a comment from Adam of the Black Halos and a funny article sent by a friend, someone called “The Brian Jones” (special girls, Stones’ fans) !!

27/10/05 I’m with the drummer !

Jeudi, octobre 27th, 2005

Hilary is the drummer, a talentuous and beautiful woman, Christopher is her great and lucky bass guitarist; both formed a drum and bass band Sabot in 1988 in San Francisco, have been living for twelve years in Tabor-Czech Republic and are touring around the world the whole year…look at their website at concerts in 2005 !!
They played in Marseille a few weeks ago and I recorded their concert live with their agreement, did an interview backstage after the show (very nice people) and played a song “Tracking” from their self-made last album “Doing it ourselves” ! (click to enlarge the photo)


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17/10/05 Stronger than the Hurricane !

Lundi, octobre 17th, 2005

The Black Halos (Vancouver-Canada) directly interviewed from Texas in the middle of the second hurricane…a special ambience; during a week I tried to reach Adam Becvare, The Black Halos’ guitarist and friend of mine, on his cell phone during their US tour for an interview planned since months…and at least I just reached him on the way between Florida and Texas at the worst period…he sounded very tired after hours spent in the van in the middle of the chaos of evacuated people but they are continuing the tour to promote their new album “Alive without control” and I’m giving you to listen to some songs of this punk rock and roll stronger than hurricanes ! Hey girls, look at this video where these sexy guys are playing in a peep show for girls…and be ready, they are coming soon to Europe !
Thanks Manny …:)


Billy Hopeless, the singer on stage and with Adam on guitar (pics from their myspacesite then Denyss McKnight the bassist (ph.Alyssa Green); below, Billy in hot position, Jay Millette and Rob Zgaljic (ph. Thomaxe NYC 2005)

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6/10/05 Right to Rock

Jeudi, octobre 6th, 2005

Waiting for the Death of my Generation…! the Streetwalkin’Cheetahs are still alive ! In this show you will hear some songs from their album I got in 2002 after their last concert in Marseille before the band broke up…today they are reforming the original band in L.A. where they are living with some ideas for the future…an interview with “the Rock Bomb”, Frank Meyer the SWC singer and guitarist will give you a lot of informations about the band’s new projects, the song’s lyrics, the rock concerts in Los Angeles with sometimes porn stars as support band, the new book Frank co-wrote about the Ramones on the road, Sweet Justice the new band he built to stay in form…Sometimes they are interesting people in the USA we must not forget it and I love them ! SWC is in the Teenage Head Music’s roster.


Pictures taken by Todd Westover in L.A. September 24 th 2005 at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood

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Meltingpod connections :
Marseille loves the Normans : Always a pleasure to get such support from you, Cyrille ! Bon vent to the Transat 2005 !
A cool surprise : a bear from the polar circle did his first podcast and dedicated me his first song, the hands full of diamonds (”je suis chanceuse”). Hello to the Canada and Quebec !!
Second surprise today : I’m listed on iTunes after waiting three months !!! If you need a spell with some toad’s spittle let me know, maybe it could help you like me ! though thanks to Luc, Didier and…the toad !
Our Hamster Atomique announces he loves others bands than the Angels (he loves the Ramones too) and is opening a new website for the Dandy Warhols where I’m noticed as his favorite podcast in the world : hey hey !