17/10/05 Stronger than the Hurricane !

The Black Halos (Vancouver-Canada) directly interviewed from Texas in the middle of the second hurricane…a special ambience; during a week I tried to reach Adam Becvare, The Black Halos’ guitarist and friend of mine, on his cell phone during their US tour for an interview planned since months…and at least I just reached him on the way between Florida and Texas at the worst period…he sounded very tired after hours spent in the van in the middle of the chaos of evacuated people but they are continuing the tour to promote their new album “Alive without control” and I’m giving you to listen to some songs of this punk rock and roll stronger than hurricanes ! Hey girls, look at this video where these sexy guys are playing in a peep show for girls…and be ready, they are coming soon to Europe !
Thanks Manny …:)


Billy Hopeless, the singer on stage and with Adam on guitar (pics from their myspacesite then Denyss McKnight the bassist (ph.Alyssa Green); below, Billy in hot position, Jay Millette and Rob Zgaljic (ph. Thomaxe NYC 2005)

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