#69 Rose Tattoo European Tour 2007 : Live interview with the singer Angry Anderson - Part 2

To listen to the interview with Angry Anderson Part 2 (mp3 : 35 minutes)
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Angry Anderson telling the stories and Mick Cocks giving the impulsion

Angry Anderson, Rose Tattoo’s singer with me backstages at Lyon-France during their last European tour : in this second part of the interview Angry is telling us many true stories about his life as musician and songwriter, father and citizen of the world, as a man who kept his anger to fight for more justice. A lucid look about the violence in our society.
I played 1854 from the last album Blood brothers, Assault and Battery (Angry explained the lyrics of this true story), and We can’t be beaten (to learn and sing for the Bastille day : “If ya wanna be in my gang, stand up with me, We’ll start a revolution and make the streets free…!!”).

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Update July 2sd :
Dave a Tatts’ Australian hard and very old fan since 78 !!! (more than 100 gigs !!) sent us in the comments section a cool review about the Sydney concert with Guns N Roses June 23th : have a look ! and thanks a lot Dave !! I will put on line soon a special article with The Tatts’ fans who sent me so great stuff : pics, press reviews, stories.

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