#68 Rose Tattoo European Tour 2007 : Live interview with the singer Angry Anderson - Part 1

To listen to the interview with Angry Anderson Part 1 (mp3 : 35 minutes)
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Rose Tattoo at Lyon-France April 2007 : Angry telling true stories in his songs and with Daï in fusion with their audience !

Angry Anderson, Rose Tattoo’s singer for me alone in the backstages during 1:30 hour, hey !! I propose to you to listen to our passionated conversation, in three parts around 30 minutes each. In this first part we started with a “family story” speaking about The Easybeats‘ two guitar players, George Young and Harry Vanda and their talentuous work at Albert Production’s recording studio with Rose Tattoo and the three others very famous Australian bands AC/DC, The Angels and The Choirboys.
Then we spoke with Angry about his work as songwriter and some of his conversations with Bon Scott, the necessity of the tattoos, the reasons of his violence on stage with the band at their debut…
I opened the show with “Man about town” and some some short extracts from “Sleeping away” two songs from their last album “Blood Brothers” and “Scarred for life” for illustrating by moment the interview.
You can buy “Blood Brothers” on their label Armageddon Music’s website or hear some extracts and buy song by song on line on Hardy TV.
I hope you didn’t miss Mick Cocks’ interview in the Meltingpod #64 !

Meltingpod Connections :
Angry and Mick (great pics from Stefan Tatts’ German fan)
I encourage you to have a look sometimes on Myspace/Meltingpod which became very dynamic !! It’s another way to communicate around the music.

The Anarchists Federation’s radio called Radio LIbertaire loves Meltingpod !! Last Friday Eric the host of the music show “Place to the fools” promoted my podcasts with Rose Tattoo and played a song from Ed Kuepper to announce my next podcast with him soon !! He will air June 29th my entire show with Nonstop recorded on Meltingtalks for the Eurockeennes last year ! Thanks for that help Eric, it’s very cool for me and the artists !

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