21/05/07 The original members of The Saints performing AGAIN at Brisbane July 14th 2007 !!!

Old friends at London in 2007 : Chris Bailey singing with Ed Kuepper’s band; Nick Cave, Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper (pics from Ed’s myspace)

A nice message found today on my page Myspace/Meltingpod

There is a long time I wanted to go to Brisbane for many different reasons but now : the Pig City Queensland Music festival will bring together different bands from the 70s punk era through today with… The Saints founders Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay …the Bastille Day : my French blood is burning…a podcast is planned with Ed Kuepper soon !
The Riptides are playing at that event too : hey Buzz, wasn’t Cal’s ex-band you produced ?…:) Will you be there ?

Meltingpod Connections :
Update May 22th : I recorded a podcast with GANGgajang (members or having played with the Riptides; thanks Buzz !!), the whole band in a car just before their show at Perth last February ! I need to add some short interviews and it will be OK ! A great moment of wild podcasting !!!
Update May 27th : Bertrand LenĂ´tre or Le Podcasteur tried to help me to find money to go to Brisbane with his blog.podemus : Interesting to see if it works, who knows ? Anyway a nice friendly initiative ! Thanks Bertrand !!

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