9/04/07 Rose Tattoo : Rock’n'Roll in their blood !

Rose Tattoo at Ninkasi Kao-Lyon-April 5th (click to enlarge the pictures)

I had to travel to Lyon to see Rose Tattoo the famous Australian rock band (No stop at Marseille…) but what a great show : a pure moment of pleasure and a nice meeting with true rockers ! I did an interview backstages during 1:30 hour with the singer Angry Anderson gazing into each other’s eyes…an intensive and passionate exchange !! After our short phone conversation at Perth for the Bon Scott Celebration Concert one month ago I at least met Mick Cocks, Rose Tattoo’s guitarist in flesh : what a fun with him and a little later with the whole band : Steve King the bassist, Paul DeMarco the drummer and Dai Pritchard the slide guitarist. Don’t miss them : they are touring North Europe until the end of the month to promote their last album Blood Brothers ! The PODCAST and others pics are coming SOON !
Thanks to Buzz and Darrel for the connection and Arne for his help !

Click on the pics to have an idea from Rose Tattoo LIVE with Black Eyed Bruiser ! Nice Boys don’t play rock and roll and Bad boys for love ?

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