26/05/06 Meltingpod podcasts the Eurockeennes !

Meltingpod was invited by the French festival-the Eurockeennes de Belfort-team (one of the biggest European rock festival) to podcast some bands who are playing this summer between June 30th and July 2th : I got a list with different artists probably free to answer my questions. You can imagine that I accepted with pleasure that challenge : calling musicians having musical styles ranging from rap-hip-hop to rock-electro-rock-metal via French chansons…that was something made for Meltingpod !!
The interviews will be most of the time in French that’s why I chose to edit them on my other website : MELTINGTALKS ; but I will give you here the interviews in English, news or videos. Stay connected !
You could already find on Meltingtalks two podcasts : the first one with Katerine a French musician who sings funny and provocative songs and the second one with a band from the suburbs of Paris called La Caution who surfs the wave rap-hip-hop-electro and give us good lyrics, sincere without compromise.

Katerine, the Eurockeennes logo, La Caution (pics from their own sites)

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