05/07/05 The Royal Rocking Sewing Machine

In this new podcast : a world premiere (smile) with a song from the new album of the Balayeurs du Desert (the desert-sweepers), the musicians of Royal de Luxe, one of the most famous street theater company in the world, and for the Treteaux des Menestrels, a very little unknown company… ! Thanks Chelmi !
Then you will spend a trashy night with me at the Machine à coudre, the best place to hear punk rock and roll but not only…with the Neurotic Swingers on stage and backstage featuring some funny characters from the bar to the toilets…!
And at last some news from Australia…July 7th the Angels will release their new live album in Sydney; meanwhile they love always Marseille and to do jokes…Buzz sent me this pic yesterday with the whole band wearing the shirt “Marseille without frontier” I sent to him : nice pic, isn’t it ?

Left to right : Buzz Bidstrup, Rick and John Brewster, Chris Bailey
(click to enlarge the pic).

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