04/07/05 The Hot Rock Connection

Yesterday night, I went to a concert of Aggravation and Neurotic Swingers at “La Machine à Coudre (the sewing machine), the highest place for punk rock and roll in Marseille because of the passion of his owner Philippe and his team (Claire, J2P…), helped with the crazy rockers of Ratakans Connection…some pictures here but for the first time I walked in the club with a minidisc (thanks to my new sponsor : Nadine Gomez) and I recorded some great moments of the night : a minidisc opens a window to another world for a podcaster ! I hope you will appreciate my first try with this new material…the temperature was over 50° Celsius, after the show we were wet like in a swimming pool !


click to enlarge the pics and enjoy the rockers !

Late in the night or early in the morning, the ambiance became really hot like always in the South with laughs, a little blood but more fright than pain.


podcast on the fire…soon !

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