2/05/06 May in Berlin

I survived after three nights in Berlin hearing tons of bands often more punk than rock !
It already began in the plane to Berlin : by coincidence, I sat down beside a 70’s legendary punk rock band from London and I did a funny interview with them !! Then I ran to Wild at Heart for two concerts.
The second day was reserved to the Walpurgis night in Friedrichshain with music in the street and a very special ballet ritually and regularly improved by the German police : fight or not fight ?
The whole May 1st, Kreuzberg the neighborhood where I lived, was traditionnaly destroyed by conflicts with the police; this year : one unique burning trash and the police stayed under control ! “My fest” directly managed by Kreuzberg’s citizens offered a lot of different kind of music from 2 pm to 3 am with many bands on 11 stages. I stayed most of the time near the punk stage but I listened to a lot of good world music too. I recorded 5 x 80 minutes of shows, ambiance in the streets and interviews : good podcasts are coming soon…:)

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