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Darrel (Blue Tongue Management) I love your sense of taking a risk for promoting your new band Lawless Breed with just “Planet Marseille and Annie” as a name but you won !!! I GOT IT !! Thanks you for the smile which lit my face up seing that package above my mail box this morning…:) I understood your message : you seem to miss Marseille ! I will do my best to spread these albums at the good places.


On the second image, Ed Kuepper faithful to his “Do it yourself” way of life brought and gave me his new Live album himself…self recorded, self produced with his own label Prince Melon Records and self distributed for now !!! (cover photo by Judi Dransfield Kuepper).
For those of you who couldn’t have been present at one of his great shows during his last European tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or couldn’t be present at one of his shows during his next Australian tour (from August 9th to 16th at Sydney, Adela├»de and Melbourne), it’s a good way to have an idea of his new trio Live with Jeffrey Wegener on the drums and Pete Oxley at the bass (called the Kowalski Collective)…all the versions of the old songs are new and there are songs you surely don’t know…order it to Ed himsef to show your support to such an independant and positive attitude !!!
BTW : the interview with Ed recorded at l’Olympia at Paris June 9th, simultaneously translated in French by Eric Tessier from the rock radio show “Place aux fous musique” will be aired on Radio Libertaire 89.4 MHz fm July 25th from 1:00 to 2 :30 pm : !! I will publish that interview on Meltingpod too in August…stay connected !

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