12/08/07 Meltingpod connected by the Australian rock bloggers’ community + The Guardian

I’m always in late with that but I found today a cool link to Meltingpod in an Australian blog about rock : Thanks to Mark from Ausrock ! It’s a pleasure to be connected with the Australian rock bloggers community !! BTW : Check the superbe site Mark created for Heaven a band where Mick Cocks (Tatts’ guitarist) played between 82 and 84.

(click on the pic to enlarge and read the review)

I said in late because one day I was very proud to find a review about Meltingpod in The Guardian, the famous English newspaper but at the moment to re-post it here, I saw it was written 1 year ago !! The review said something like : Marseille rocker rebel Annie Viglielmo, the self-proclaimed “first lady of French podcasting”, at meltingpod.com…yes , self proclaimed because I know I was the first woman to have started a podcast in France, easy…:) now I’m often the first one with my work…try to type “Rose Tattoo interview” (without linking the three words) on Google.com !!! Then the Guardian’s people ???…:)

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