2/03/05 Marseille like usually !

Marseille since yesterday :

Good morning everybody ! You answered quick and well to my internet call like a nice Babel tower. Thanks a lot ! I really love your different languages but it would be great too if you could write some sentences in English if possible, and nobody will be excluded. I will try myself to record my podcast the best I can first in English and then often a second time in French or in German. Allez ZOU ! Jettez vous à l’eau, l’orage arrive.
This morning I drank my coffee reading and listening to podcasters friends full of anger: Mike against a possible podcasts new war ? Mike is a rock musician in San Francisco.
Luc against our French government and the media’s bad work. Luc is a journalist in Paris.
They both give an example of good podcasts. Have a look at their web-sites.
If you are interested in the vote about the European Constitution you can read the last editorial page of the Eurocircle news.
Today I was angry too : For the last two weeks, Marseille has been really near asphyxiation for everybody in the streets; every day the situation is worse, the whole town is becoming slowly but surely giant chaos…as on the way to school :

I’m cooking my own sounds on the fire wire…patience

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