#78 Doc Neeson’s interview about his reunion with The Angels’ original members, their next Australian tour in July 2008 and more…
Podcast part 1 : 25 mn

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At least Doc Neeson gave me an interview for Meltingpod !! He was the last original Angels I was expecting for more than three years now to complete “my family” (thanks to Buzz Bidstrup who made that connection possible !!!).


The news are great : The Angels (aka Angels city) finally fixed their legal problems with names, companies and…reunited for the fans’ pleasure and I can imagine for their own pleasure too !
Doc announced the Angels’ next Australian tour in July 2008, maybe an European tour in 2009, tried to comfort me right now alone at Marseille singing “a capella” a song for me, looking for a way with me to find money with Meltingpod and be able to join quickly the Angels in Australia…an incredible phone meeting placed under the sign “high seduction” but very friendly and warm-hearted too !
We spoke more than 1,5 hour with Doc so I will publish the podcast in two parts. Enjoy the first one !

The Angels at Paris in 1981 (pics J.Y.Legras), maybe soon back !!
L : Chris, Buzz, Doc, Rick and John; R : John, Doc,Rick, Buzz and Chris

Just after this nice conversation with Doc I called Buzz just after that during 1,5 hour too !! A happy day for me as you can imagine !!
We obviously spoke about the Angels’ reunion, then about the Bon Scott Concert, the Jimmy Little Foundation…so many news after such a long separation…:) I can just say : stay connected on Meltingpod if you like the Angels !!

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