8/03/08 This International Women's Day is Meltingpod 3rd Anniversary : ride on the storm !

For this International Women’s Day, “The First French Woman in Podcasting” was very down underground these last days and I couldn’t imagine if physically or mentally I will be able to write one word today for Meltingpod’s third Anniversary ! So no sound no picture this time I’m still too weak, sorry ! I’m just using a short break in the storm to explain my silence this last month…a weird experience…

During the last two weeks a herniated disc between two of my cervical vertebras suddently compressed a nerve which runs through my left shoulder and arm until the fingers (bad fall, working too much time with a wrong position on my computer, not enough sport ? surely many reasons together to “break my neck and my back ” !!) : I never lived before such a terrible pain in my body during so many days and nights without break. I couldn’t stand up or sit down more than one minute without horribly suffering from intense muscular contractions in my shoulder and arm in despite the strongest current sedative products (Sister Morphine’s brother, opium, cortisone…); the most surrealistic act though was a direct injection through my throat to my cervical vertebra reaching the place where the nerve was irritated : the doctor could check the arrival of the spike in my neck on a picture screen live on the wall behind me : awake without anaesthesia, I regretted not to be allowed to turn my head and watch myself the interesting movie inside my cervical area, the order being “don’t move from one mm” and strangely I didn’t risk to disobey this time !!
Another fine act was instead to call Buzz Bidstrup at the end of the Bon Scott Celebration Concert as planned, I called in fact an ambulance (for the first time in my life) to bring me at the hospital and I had the privilege to see live the urgency service a Sunday afternoon without doctor or so few that it quickly turned to a horror pictures show; after waiting two hours for just a sedative injection I escaped back home quickly (better to die in my bed). The best memory : the most fantastic colorful and incredibly creative both dreams of my life maybe made under the opium’s effect ?…:)
If most of the time I was immersed in a forced sleep, when I was awake laying down on the back in my bed without moving, I could spend hours and hours to evaluate and re-evaluate my work during the last three years with Meltingpod : I became pretty famous getting a good ranking on google with my podcasts and offering a good international exposure to the guests of my shows, can have interviews with really interesting people, got cool listeners from all around the world until China now but after such a hard work still no money at all in my pocket and no idea to change this situation quickly ! I slowly lost my financial independancy then I was during these last endless days testing the loss of my physical autonomy and this nasty story still seems far away to be finished unfortunately. Funnily I remembered Angry Anderson who told me in our interview last year :
I got the pain first and I think my body turned the alarm to red as a warning : I reached the extreme limit now, I have no other choice than to change the way I invest 100% (120%!!) of my energy. No idea about the form of the next podcasts (surely shorter and faster produced) and how many shows a year, but this fourth year will be…has to be completly different. I need to find a paid job again (maybe back as cityplanner or anything else). I have to modify my priorities.
BTW : Welcome in The Meltingworlds’happy donators’ circle to Darrel (Blue Tongue Management) from Sydney and thanks to be here !! (click on the kangaroo on the right column here to join us and support Meltingpod !!).

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